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Text/call 207-249-2261 or email to sign up or with questions. Purchase retreats and classes by clicking on the “Buy now” link following the course description. Buy a e-gift card for anyone here.

Upcoming Events:

Making the Shift–Transformational Wellness Retreat

Would you like to feel better in your body and create new thinking habits? Do you want to have a better relationship with yourself, your partner, your family or the world? Diana is currently accepting private groups for this retreat, minimum 2 participants.

You can be the architect of your wellness by taking time to retreat for a day from the familiar and refresh your model of who you are. Expand your model of reality by learning some of the basics of energy medicine and meditation: learn and experience your energy anatomy and how your body is an information system that is always offering intelligent guidance for your life. Learn how distorted thinking patterns and biases can influence your impressions and understanding of self, environment and relationships. Use this new awareness to evolve and transform your life with greater feelings of harmony, empowerment and wholeness. Come to Greenridge Cottage Retreat, a calming and charming respite located in the rolling, wooded hills of Montville. Connect with a small group of other seekers as you practice raising your awareness of energy in motion (emotions) as a tool to help direct, expand and evolve your human experience. Practice a quick and easy meditation which entrains your heart and brain to reach for higher, better feeling emotions. Develop awareness and self-regulation skills to support your transformation and personal reality with greater agility, ease and comfort. This retreat is intended to be helpful for everyone. Those wishing to increase self-compassion, self-empowerment and self-confidence, those who want to better regulate or manage their emotions and energy, anyone who is navigating difficult or painful relationships, and anyone experiencing anxiety or depression may especially appreciate the content. Day-long retreat, $200, 10 am to 5 pm, held at Greenridge Cottage Retreat, 513 North Ridge Road, Montville. Contact Diana at or call or text 207-249-2261 with questions or to enroll for a date.

Beginner Energy Healing with Reiki I Certification- Saturday, May 15, 10 am to 5 pm

Learn the art and science of energy healing in this basic, beginner’s course, which offers the traditional training of Reiki I, plus a significant amount of material not offered in typical Reiki I training. This basic course focuses on learning about the human energy field (HEF) and the energy anatomy of the energy centers (chakra) system for self- healing and healing family and friends. Learn how to increase awareness, and increase the flow of energy in and around your body. Enjoy meditation techniques and breathwork which promote heart-brain coherence, a foundational state of being from which healing and feelings of peace and well-being arise.
Practice healing techniques using the science of energy healing as a biofield therapy for increasing feelings of relaxation, stress reduction and improved feelings of wellness. Learn how people can experience profound physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing through this modality. Become familiar with the Japanese healing art of Reiki, and practice using your body as an instrument of consciousness to flow life-force energy to fellow students.
Held at Greenridge Retreat Cottage, Diana’s healing space in Montville. No previous knowledge is needed to join this class. Daylong retreat, 10 am to 5 pm with a BYO lunch break. $225 for retreat and Reiki I certification. 

Reiki I Retreat and Certification $225.00Buy now