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Please note that some of the events listed here are held at Diana’s studio and while others are part of her work with the educational non-profit The Healing Garden held at locations around Belfast. Join a planned retreat/workshop or contact Diana to schedule a private retreat with for your family, group or at your workplace. Text or call Diana at 207-249-2261 or email dianamariachapin@gmail.com to sign up or with questions. View course descriptions here. Buy a e-gift card for anyone here.

Learn Energy Healing and Reiki from Diana

Reiki II Certification with basic energy medicine training at Diana’s Studio at 8 Jesse Robbins Road, Belfast–Saturday, October 15, 9:30am to 4:30pm

A natural progression following Reiki I certification, this second-degree training is for those who have been certified in Reiki I by Diana or another Reiki Master Teacher. This certification class teaches all the traditional Reiki II coursework along with some additional behavioral wellness content. Diana includes a review of first-degree training, with a primer of the art and the science of energy healing. Enjoy a refresher explanation of the “how and why” behind this healing modality.

Students learn the meaning of Reiki signatures for placing Divine Love during a healing session, creating emotional balance, and holding intentions that transcend time and space. Students learn how to use and share these Reiki tools and develop some insights and skills around facilitating healing sessions with others.

Dive deeper into the practice and science of heart-brain coherence, the foundational state of well-being and the state-of-being which increases and amplifies the flow of life-force energy to self and others. Diana shares the transformational wellness science that informs the “how and why” behind Reiki, energy healing and meditation. She helps students understand more deeply that the body is an electromagnetic instrument of consciousness. She shares information about the energy of thinking-felling loops, and the energy medicine view of mental, emotional, and behavioral wellness.

Students learn a number of distorted thinking patterns that can create unhelpful “vicious cycles,” habits, patterns, and programs within the mental, emotional and physical body. Diana shares how to unlearn and unwind these patterns and how to connect to creative energy and a better-feeling future.

Participants implement their new healing skills through practice with each other, as they end the day with Reiki II certification. $225 for workshop training and certification.

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Reiki I Certification with basic energy medicine training at Diana’s Studio at 8 Jesse Robbins Road, Belfast, Saturday, November 5, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Awaken the healer within you by learning the art and science of energy healing. In this beginner’s course you’ll learn the Japanese healing art called Reiki. Reiki means “Universal Life Force energy,” and is sometimes called “hands-on healing,” or “laying-on-of-hands.” It is the practice of using the body as an instrument of consciousness to facilitate the increased flow of life-giving energy to yourself or other beings.

In this certification course, Diana shares the traditional teachings of Reiki I, plus a significant amount of material not offered in typical Reiki I training. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary!

Learn how to facilitate healing and the flow of universal healing energy to support your own healing, your family, and friends, and even your pets. Develop skills in feeling energy and practice the basic hand positions for administering the flow of energy in and around the human body.

Learn the history of this Japanese healing art form, which is used to facilitate a relaxation and stress-relief response in the physical body and which soothes the nervous system. Reiki is one form of energy healing, a biofield therapy that supports spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing, and is a tool for personal transformation and mental and emotional self-regulation.

In this certification course, you’ll learn about the Human Energy Field (also called HEF.) Diana will share some basic but potentially life-changing information regarding the seven main energy centers of the body (the Chakra system) and how the bodymind processes the energy and information of life. You’ll discover how the energy centers are neurologically and hormonally “mini brains.” They are intelligent energy centers of consciousness, and you’ll learn how they are always offering guidance for your life. You’ll practice increasing your awareness of energy within and around your body and how to sense and perceive into the energy fields of those who consent to your care.

You’ll learn a valuable, practical, easy meditation technique which promotes heart-brain coherence, a foundational state of being from which healing and feelings of peace and well-being arise. You’ll develop and practice skills to support others in attaining sensations of well-being and harmony within their body.  $225 for workshop and certification.

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October 22, 2022: Stress Less Daylong Wellness Retreat

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