Upcoming Events

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Individuals, partners/couples/buddies and businesses/groups are all welcome to inquire about meditation retreats and workshops, private healing sessions, energy healing instruction, Reiki certification, and meditation guidance. If coming for a private healing session, all you need to bring is yourself! For classes, the studio is equipped with chairs, blankets and pillows for meditation.  Feel free, if you would like, to bring a yoga mat and any pillows or blankets that would enhance your comfort.   Unless otherwise noted, classes are held at my studio at the Maine Integrative Wellness Center, Suite D, 8 Jesse Robbins Road, Belfast Maine.  The Wellness Center is located at the lower entrance of the Maine Integrative Chiropractic Center. Please note for some of the classes listed below, Diana is teaching at other locations for MaineHealth’s Journey to Health program and at Ananda Yoga Studio, and sign-up for those classes is through the link provided in the class description. Text/call 207-249-2261 or email dianamariachapin@gmail.com with questions. Buy a e-gift card for anyone here.

Upcoming Events:

Conscious Living–March 16, 5:00 to 6:30 pm, held at Rockland Congregational Church– Tired of being trapped in old thinking patterns that make your body feel less than ideal? Want to bring more awareness and positive change to your relationship with yourself and others? Learn about common distorted thinking patterns that are unconsciously adopted and learn mindfulness and meditation skills to help condition your body to a better feeling state of being. $6.50 Sign up through: https://journeytohealth.coursestorm.com/course/conscious-living?search=meditation

Sound Healing with Yoga Nidra Mediation–March 17, 1:30 to 3:00 pm, Belfast Dance Studio--Diana and sound healer Lori LeBlanc offer the gorgeous resonance of the singing bowls with Yoga Nidra mediation. These modalities are a beautiful, healing pairing for soothing the nervous system, relaxing, and enjoying deep, healing rest.  Please join and enjoy learning about your energy system and expanding into your inner healer—just to feel good or to hold the intention for deep physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, typically enjoyed lying down in a spine position.  It’s an easy and accessible form of meditation for most people because the body naturally wants to slip into rest when in this position.  Yoga Nidra means “awake-asleep,” and this practice is the art of holding oneself in the state of being where the mind is awake while the body sleeps. $20

Basic Energy Healing with Reiki I Certification- Thursday, March 26, 9 am to 5 pm, Diana’s studio. Learn the art and science of energy healing in this basic course, which offers the traditional training of Reiki I, plus a significant amount of material not offered in typical Reiki I training. This basic course focuses on learning about the human energy field (HEF) and the energy anatomy of the Chakra (energy centers) system for self- healing and healing family and friends. Learn how to increase awareness, and increase the flow of energy in and around your body.  Enjoy meditation techniques and breathwork which promote heart-brain coherence, a foundational state of being from which healing and feelings of peace and well-being arise.  Learn Yoga Nidra (Awake-Asleep) meditation, which has been shown in scientific study to reduce anxiety, depression and PTSD.  Be introduced to basic science of how energy becomes matter, thoughts turn to things, and how thinking-feeling loops create moods, patterns and states of being.  Learn how to use the science of energy healing as a biofield therapy for increasing feelings of relaxation, stress reduction and improved feelings of wellness, and how people can experience profound physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing through this modality.  Become familiar with the Japanese healing art of Reiki, and practice using your body as an instrument of consciousness to flow life-force energy to fellow students.  No previous knowledge is needed to join this class.  Daylong retreat, 9 am to 5 pm with hour-long lunch break.  $185 for retreat and Reiki I certification.

Yoga Nidra meditation for healing, Sunday, April 12, 6:00 to 7:30 pm, at Ananda Yoga Studio, 9B Beaver Street, Belfast–Join Diana for  a series of healing Yoga Nidra meditation workshops. Yoga Nidra is the art and act of resting with the Divine, and is both a meditation practice and a state of being. As a practice, it is the art of holding oneself in the state of awareness between fully awake and fully asleep—the body is in deep rest while the mind is aware. As a state of being, Yoga Nidra is used to experience and promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve wellness; it has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression and PTSD. Yoga Nidra is a naturally easy meditation for beginners, and is practiced lying supine or sitting in a chair. Workshop participants will learn about the art of Yoga Nidra, practice heart-brain coherence breathwork, learn about the human energy system, and will have an opportunity to enjoy a guided meditation and receive energy healing with Diana if they would like. Sign up at https://www.anandayogabelfastme.com/workshops.