Diana Maria Chapin

My energy healing practice has taught me that when we use the words \”stress,\” \”anxiety,\” and \”depression,\” we can mean quite different things.

From individual to individual, these states-of-being can be felt in the head, in the chest and the heart, in the abdomen or in the solar plexus. Some people even feel anxiety in their legs and feet, a manifestation of the emotional state that renders them unable to move forward–both figuratively and literally.

Emotional states are decoded by the brain and body as sensations or groups of sensations. In fact, the body is an instrument of guidance that is always offering intelligent information about the people, places, things, situations, conditions and environments of our life.

The body is always offering guidance about what we should move away from or closer to…offering counsel on what\’s life-giving and what is life-depleting.

We can support ourselves in regulating the energies that cue us to the anxiety-, stress- and depression stimulating factors in our life by placing our attention on and refining our attunement to the sensation-information felt in the body.

For example, it\’s very common for people to feel a tightness, density or even nausea in their solar plexus and stomach when they have an uncomfortable interpersonal or social interaction. Many people feel a heaviness in their chest or pain in their heart when they experience a loss or stress over the conditions happening in the world. So many people feel a magnetic lump in their throats when they feel oppressed or lack words for adequate or satisfying expression.

Everything is energy and the emotions of stress, anxiety and depression are, in fact, energetic in nature. They have a charge and the body carries that charge. Interestingly, while emotional energy is FELT in the phyical mindbody, in the discipline of energy medicine emotional energy is bioplasma: a form of non-physical energy densifying into physical energy.

If the mindbody has time to process emotional energy the sensations in the physical body are temporary and flow through. But the emotional energy can become habituated, and that\’s where energy medicine can help.

My practice of energy medicine includes breathwork, meditation (specifically Yoga Nidra, a sleep-based meditation,) and energy healing sessions.

All of these modalities honor that the human body is a complex of consciousness, a constellation of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy. Energy medicine supports us in FEELING into this wholeness and allowing energy to flow. Through greater levels of awareness of the body as an instrument of consciousness, we are able to regulate our state of being by transforming our programed thoughts and feelings into higher energies.

Higher energy means we self-regulate into more peace, more harmony, more transcendent, life-giving energy.

Want to learn more? I\’m hosting a retreat around this work on Saturday, April 2, 2022 from 10 am to 4 pm. Call or text me at 207-249-2261 or email dianamariachapin@gmail.com for more information. View my course offerings here.

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