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Making friends with your heart and your brain

In my energy healing practice, I often hear people say that their heart is telling them one thing, and their brain another.

I imagine we have all been in this state: one in which we are living in a state of inner conflict. We feel an expectation from some unspoken agreement or the pressure of others or our job that we follow our brain and the direction of the environment external to us. Meanwhile, the cues of our inner guidance offer some alternative that just feels better, more alluring, more soothing, more healing and more life-giving.

But we squelch it. We dismiss it. We override it.

We live in a very–I’ll say it, OVERLY–mental society. We overthink, we stress out, we become anxious and we rely on and expect our brain in it’s overworked, incoherent and hazy state to make perfect decisions.

And when we are overworked and overwhelmed we tend to freeze in place, afraid to make any decision or take any action. When this happens we are living in survival mind, and like an animal in the wild facing a predator, unable to empower the fight or flight mechanisms, we attempt to become invisible and freeze in place, hoping to be unseen.

Leading with your heart

Want more peace?  The key is your heart. 

Want to calm the thoughts in your brain?  The key is your heart. 

Want to reduce sensations of stress and anxiety in your body?  The key is your heart.

Our heart is the most powerful energy center on our body and it’s the center of our energy anatomy.  We have all sorts of intuitive phrases that signal that it’s our heart, not our brain, that offers the best guidance.  We “think” with our heart.  We say: “heart-felt,” “follow your heart,” from the bottom of my heart,” “half-hearted,” “had a change of heart.”

When our heart is coherent, which is to say rhythmic in its fluctuation patterns and energetically harmonious, we feel at ease, calm, well and at peace.   

We can teach ourselves to voluntarily induce a state of heart coherence.  This state helps to regulate the heartbeat and autonomic nervous system, which in turn, entrains the brain to coherent order.  Order in the brain translates to sensations of ease and peace.

Changing your energy

Here’s a simple and easeful meditation to do anytime, anywhere:

1. Breathe into your heart center

2. Feel into the space that your heart and lungs occupy in your physical body

3. Use your imagination to generate feelings of gratitude, joy, love, care, appreciation, and other elevated emotion. Think about something that makes or will make you happy.  Feel it in this now moment as you breathe and feel into your heart.

In heart coherence we engage the unique wisdom, guidance and intelligence of our heart center, and experience sensations of connection, increased intuition, enhanced immunity, increased cognition, and the reduction of stress hormones. 

In meditation, this state fosters an elevated ability to make transcendent connection with universal life-force energy and can support energy flow within and around the body, as well as mystical experiences.

Do it for you!

Practically speaking, heart-brain coherence meditation is an act of emotional regulation.  We simply choose to “get into our heart,” and to generate an uplifted feeling. We make it happen!  In time, the choice to meditate in this way is an act of conditioning the body to a new level of mind.  Practiced consistently and intentionally, the body will memorize the state of heart coherence and we will notice immediately any person, place, condition or environment that “knocks us out” of coherence.

And because we have practiced, we will know exactly how to get back into heart-centered gratitude.  In time, there’s an obvious contrast that the things that used to bother us don’t have such an affect on us, because we love our inner peaceful sensations more than anything.


You, Mastermind: Moving from matter to energy and changing your mind about who you really are

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We live in a culture that would have us believe that authority resides outside of us.  It’s a contradictory, inconsistent culture that simultaneously demands we find common-ground and figure out and agree on what’s “right,” while it also relentlessly diverts our attention away from the very thing that will help us create that peace. 

Our attention is most valuable resource on Earth.  

If we let it, this modern life can wildly disrupt the sanctity and sanctuary of our inner being and provoke incoherence within ourselves, our relationships and our society, leading us away from, not toward, greater peace. 

Our inner-most being, our true nature—that aspect of us that is pure heart, pure energy, pure unconditional love—is the real authority. 

As a collective, as we are discovering how to listen to our inner authority, to feel peace one body at a time, and to create peace within the whole, one body at a time.

What has our attention has our energy. Another way to say that is where our attention goes, our energy flows.

Energy medicine has helped me (and helped people I support in my role as a healer) to understand and experience that no matter what is happening in the world outside of our body, we can tap into a deep peace within, a peace that is always present—it’s never NOT present, it’s just obscured because our attention is elsewhere.

Before I developed some skill in the art and science of meditation and energy healing, I was solidly anchored in the conditions of the physical world.  With absolute dedication to “keeping up” and with my full attention on what was playing out outside of me, my energy streamed into my work and my responsibilities, into political involvement, into keeping up with the news—particularly on issues that enraged, overwhelmed, alienated, marginalized or scared me.

This non-creative outpouring of energy into the world, as compared to the inward reflection on, the contemplation of, the spending time with the loving, universal life-force of energy within me, caused a lop-sided sort of dynamic in my life. 

My stress showed up first emotionally as frustration and anger.  Next it showed up physically as acid reflux and a sensation of a constant, heavy magnetic pull in my stomach.  Next, I developed a thyroid disorder accompanied by the constant feeling of having a “lump” in my throat.

As time passed and the full-body anxiety came around, I found myself going from sound asleep in one moment to suddenly standing, heart racing, panting, incoherent thoughts racing uncontrollably in my brain while simultaneously experiencing utter confusion and complete overwhelm.  Night after night for nearly a year I’d wake up standing upright and freaked out beside my bed at precisely 2 a.m., my body a nightmare of anxiety vibrating madly at a cellular level. 

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I hadn’t consciously created my suffering, but I damn well needed to figure out how to heal it: I felt like I was on the verge of a heart attack most of the time.

Being dedicated to physical reality and the physicality of my body, the more poorly I felt, the more I looked for the cause of my suffering…in the people, conditions, environment, institutions, culture and society around me.. 

I sourced my problems as difficult people and screwed up relationships that emotionally hurt me or deeply troubled me with irreconcilable differences.  I attributed it to working too much, working physically too hard, eating mindlessly, too much and too fast, not having enough time or money, having what I felt was too much responsibility.

I carried around so much unresolved grief and my heart felt unbearably heavy all the time.  My dad had passed unexpectedly one November afternoon and there was a vacuum where his joyful warrior presence used to be.  Often, I found myself unconsciously holding my breath and when I did breathe deeply I could only feel my lungs filling to just below my collar bones.  Anything more made me choke, cough, gag or made my lungs feel like a hellish inferno. 

Over the course of one painful summer almost 10 years ago, it dawned on me that the people and the conditions outside of me were unlikely to change fast enough for me to heal what was happening inside me.  I had good evidence: I had tried to get people to change on the relationship front with horrible results.  

This idea that I would have to transform or change from within to make my reality better and to feel better in my body…it didn’t come as a lightening speed epiphany, a revelation that knocked me on my butt with enlightened self-awareness.  It was a slow-dawning, somewhat agonizing process that didn’t storm me with articulate clarity, but which has relatively amazing clarity only in hindsight. 

The revelation was basically a feeling, an impulse, an urge. It was a vague thought: “There’s got to be something more.”

I had a sneaking feeling that if I wanted whatever “more” was, I’d have to change.  I’d have to change my relationship with my body, my relationship with time, my relationship to work, my relationship to others, my relationship to the world.

Turns out, the quickest way to change the world is to change yourself. And by quick I mean in the next 5 years I made shift after transformational shift in pursuit of more fulfillment.

Overcoming Limited Awareness and Waking up the Healer

As life sometimes shows “terrible things—” undesirable events we would never ask for—often result in wonderful opportunities and unexpected outcomes.  Awareness of the non-physical reality that underlies the physical reality we all tend to orient toward began for me with a single experience, on frigid, snowy night in early 2015.  This experience propelled me off my predicted path and onto a path of understanding my life as “more energy, less matter.”

That night, my friend Wendi suffered a severe concussion, which at the on-set was a terrible thing.  (Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. Here are some shots of Wendi and me unsuccessfully staging what we hoped would be perfectly synchronized leaps off benches on a visit to NYC a couple years ago. Please note Wendi’s total collaboration and my unnecessarily instructive hand-gestures, which make us both laugh our butts off.)

Immediately following her accident, Wendi was physically somewhat disabled and mentally disoriented, incapacitated, ungrounded and overwhelmed.  The first few days and weeks after the event were horribly shocking, as we watched Wendi’s cognitive skills, her relational and her language skills and her incredible story-telling ability diminish. 

We worried for her very survival, for the survival of the personality we loved. 

I had no language around what I was witnessing at the time, but in hindsight the core of my being felt threated with imminent grief, by a fear that she would never recover, that I’d never know, see or hear the Wendi I loved again. 

I wasn’t alone. 

Wendi was (and is, this story has a happy ending!) loved for her amazing awareness, attention, clarity, wisdom and the embodiment of what she believes about this life.  We loved how her personality burst forth from her deeply-held and beliefs that were hard-won by life’s trials: her humor, for how she saw things, for how quickly she connected with others, for the goodness she saw in the world, the potential she saw in all beings.

Wendi’s pre-accident experience of vibrance, vitality and joy was vividly juxtaposed against an entirely different, wildly more limited reality.  In one event, ALL OF OUR PERSONAL REALITIES rocked, shook, held in a balance as we awaited an outcome to assure us all would be well, that SHE would be well, that WE would be well. 

It took some time

We watched, helpless observers, as our friend’s incredible life-force, her admirable will rose up from within to exert itself…from within and beyond a brain that had experienced a terrible trauma.

To change is to be greater than the conditions we are experiencing, and Wendi’s recovery showed me that the inner will, and the will and support of those around us matters when we want to change. 

We need people around us to remind us of who we want to become.

It took time to envision a future beyond our injured friend…it was hard to watch, to wait, to help in small ways while healing happened within and around Wendi.  So hard to witness another’s suffering.

The good news is Wendi has rebounded with a tremendous vigor that makes it hard to recall that past reality.  In the meanwhile, though, I’ve learned volumes and volumes about who she, who I, who we are!

In the weeks and months that followed Wendi had debilitating headaches, some loss of vision, loss of memory and trouble speaking. She couldn’t drive because she couldn’t see properly and she couldn’t maintain balance in her physical body.  She needed support with transportation to her Craniosacral Therapy sessions, and so I happily volunteered to drive.

Sitting in a chair in the therapy room, I watched as Wendi’s therapist, Moriah, lightly rested her hands on Wendi’s head or feet.  To my uninformed eye, it didn’t look like Moriah was doing anything because her body was so still and unmoving.  But Wendi was experiencing an inner light show behind her closed eyes, and at times she would utter some expression of relief from the pain or exclaim a statement that had to do with some insight about her life (perhaps even something that happened decades before) that had spontaneously come into her awareness.

After a couple of sessions curiosity got the better of me and I asked Moriah what exactly she was doing to cause this dynamic effect with what appeared to be very little effort.

“Come on over here and I’ll teach you,” Moriah invited.

I stood up and following her direction, I went to the edge of the massage table and placed my hands on Wendi’s head as I had seen Moriah do during the sessions.  Moriah placed her hands lightly over mine and drew my hands away from Wendi’s head so they were barely even touching her hair.

“You’re feeling for the craniosacral pulse,” Moriah explained. “It has a rhythm, a pulse of energy that flows up the spine from the tailbone to the skull and brain.  I’ll feel for it through your hands, and you just follow my hands in and out with the pulse, then I’ll let go and you see what you can perceive.”

No other word but awestruck could describe my state of being as I realized in just a few moments I could—through a strange combination of feeling and awareness and insight that was intuitively an innate skill—perceive Wendi’s life-force energy through my palms.  I was feeling anything physical, but instead I was feeling into non-physical, unseen dimension that was eminently real and which had always been there, just outside of perception. 

And in a weird way it seemed more real, more familiar than the dimension I could see. 

It was magnetic, alive, universal but also unique to Wendi.  It felt creative, bursting with vitality, wanting to express itself and forge on, expand, affect things, be known.  This pulsing sensation felt jam-packed with so much intelligent information it felt like it was struggling to stay bound within the area around Wendi.  It felt boundless and connected.

A frontier.

I have no idea how all these things came to me so quickly, they just did.  And with the same lightening blast of awareness into this magic-feeling unseen dimension, I was aware that I wasn’t doing anything special—that we could all do this.  It felt like I was feeling into something and perceiving something that I remembered from a long time ago and had just forgotten.  Just like that wobbly feeling when you get back on a bike after you haven’t ridden for a while.

“What is this magic?” I asked Moriah.

She giggled and said, “It’s energy.”

“But what’s energy?” I asked blankly.

It wasn’t magic, it was science–practical quantum physics. I had to know more.

Now, after 6 years of nearly daily study and practice, I can answer my own question “what’s energy?” with my ever-evolving understanding of what healing energy is: it is a vital, vibrant, intelligent, living matrix of light and information which is the loving intelligence of the Divine and it’s expressing Itself through us and through all of creation.  It’s within and around everything we can perceive with our 5 senses and everything we cannot.  

My physical body, your physical body, is material energy, sure, but the bigger part of who we are is non-physical energy.  My body, your body, is an instrument of consciousness.  Here’s what I think this time in history is inviting us to do:

  • Become aware, fine tune our perception of energy within and around our body, and among all aspects of our life
  • Develop our ability to use our body as an instrument of conscious creation
  • Consciously, selectively unmemorized some of our beliefs in and relationships with external authority and influences that limit us and limit our awareness of who we truly are
  • Get in touch with the energy of our inner being and true self–which is the bliss of creative and unconditional love–we remember that we get to decide who we are, what we want to feel, what we want to believe and who we want to become

Energy healing and meditation help us to connect to the fields of energy within and around us.  This energy at its source is highly coherent, orderly, peaceful, intelligent and loving.  When we become more aware of it, expand and unfold into, we become more of it, more like it and it becomes more of us.  To me, practicing this feeling into the connection to life-force energy is what creates inner peace, it’s how we pour our peace into the world, how we BECOME more peace in the world.

Next time I want to share with you what I’ve learned about human energy anatomy, because I’m certain if will help us be more aware of who we are truly.  Awareness of this non-physical reality is what saved me from the physical maladies and distress that manifested in my body from the stress of the past, and it’s one tool and framework through which so many of the present collective are leaning into to navigate these strange times.

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Fall in love with your wholeness

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I just love the Winter Solstice: the shortest day of the year, the longest night.  It marks the beginning of nature’s winter slumber, which is really no slumber at all.  While nature looks to be deeply at rest, vast transformational changes are in the making within the inner being of members of the natural world, and the fruits of these labors will only be evident in the future, come spring. 

To me the winter solstice is New Year’s Day—from here the days get longer and open into more light.  It’s a celebration of new beginnings and the life-giving, life-directing nature of light in the darkness, growth in the stillness.  Today marks the beginning of nature’s annual essential rest period—a “gearing down” that leads to revival and abundance.

For Us it can be a time to orient our attention toward the sacred nature of our own rest, our own inner being and our personal transformation.  A time to discover the depths of creative energy within and all around us.  It’s a time to learn how to tap into this life-giving energy, to authorize our next steps—in a very real way…energetically becoming the author of our own life no matter what’s happening outside of us.  As nature shows, the tree still evolves in the frigid, seemingly unfavorable conditions of winter.

This now moment is such a good time to ask the question: What would my life be like if I could embody the energy I most deeply desire and fully enjoy the experience of my reality?

Another way to say this is to ask, “What would it be like to be a body of joy?” or “What would it feel like to experience inner bliss no matter what’s happening in my exterior environment?”

In the spirit of new beginnings, I decided for 2022 I’d like to share more of what I know with you about answering these questions through this blog.  The process of how we become and embody what we desire is the art and science of transformational wellness.   For me, meditation and energy healing have been the two most valuable tools for me to stay focused on my inner evolution, and over the past couple years have been instrumental in staying grounded, balanced, well, useful to others and quite frankly, sane.

I’m excited about this new venture and about Us, and here’s why:  I believe we each came here, into this time and this place to be agents of cultural change.  We are here to be more love and to bring a more loving awareness to being human, to be fully human and fully Divine, right now.  I understand that this idea is at once a big one and a nearly impossible task considering what we are all in the process of globally, but in the same breath I would say these are perfect conditions to bring about this new reality.

I know this because every day in my vocation as a healer, I SEE YOU DOING JUST THIS!  We are doing just this!  We are sorting out what we don’t want, and we are learning to create more of what we do want, and we are doing it one heart, one body, one life at a time amidst—and despite—unprecedented isolation. We are learning that peace and harmony are an inner phenomenon, not a state-of-being that external conditions create for us.

Within the sanctuary of our inner being, the process of transformational change can feel disruptive and that’s because it’s a metamorphosis, and metamorphosis is inherently, necessarily disruptive.  We are moving, in an en masse evolution, from one state-of-being, one state-of-consciousness to another, higher state-of-consciousness and elevated state-of-being.

Disruption is key to innovation, or as we who were raised under financially impoverished conditions say, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

If as you read this you are thinking that change is too hard, that it takes too much energy that you just don’t have, that your mind isn’t settled enough, that life is too stressful, that there’s not enough time, that your job is too demanding to focus on yourself, that your body hurts too much to start something new, that you’re too old or too sick to change …that’s what I am aiming to help you with through this blog.   I want you to remember some key things:

  1. If you can think, you can change, you can transform.  It doesn’t matter if your mental house is like a Nascar race.  You can learn to slow it down and choose your thoughts, which are the starting point of your creation.
  2. You’re not broken and there’s nothing to “fix” even if you’re severely ill: there is only transformation from a current state-of-being to a state of greater wellness and coherence.
  3. You didn’t create your illness, but through conscious awareness and practice you can support your own healing in ways you may have never thought possible.
  4. You didn’t do anything wrong, and you’re worthy of all goodness.  Period.  Worthy! Of all goodness.
  5. You’re not alone and are by design connected to the All-and-All of creative energy, and it is at your service.  Just ask and allow.  And for most of us, that takes some practice.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, who I love so much and consider to be one of the greatest influencers of my life, said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  This extremely powerful statement is supported by the laws of quantum physics and is worthy of contemplation, but simply put we are creators and observers of our personal reality.  We have to look at things differently in order to change our reality.  We must observe ourselves into the change we want to embody.  Nobody will do it for us and as we all know, we can’t really count on the external world with its non-person institutions to accurately, reliably, equitably do it for us.

Dr. Dyer’s statement drives my passion for this work and it’s what I hope to help you do: to change the way you look at things, and watch your relationship with yourself, with others and with your life change for whatever you define as “better.”

I’ll be sharing with you what it’s taken me almost a decade to get the hang of…and my fervent prayer is that in sharing my story and what I have learned, your journey of understanding will take way less time and be way less of a painful direction-seeking struggle.

Nine years ago I consciously disrupted my life by ending a 24-year long career in a vocation I started when I was 19.  I loved what I was doing, thought it was meaningful for humanity and the planet, and my business was at the height of its success.  While many people couldn’t understand my choice, I felt I had to answer a question that had nagged me for a while…it wasn’t a clear question, really, it was more a sense that there must be more to experience.  I was doing soul-satisfying work that I was good at, but I wanted to know more people and to have new experiences in my life.

My intentional disruption of my known life caused me to undergo a process and it’s taken me years to identify that this process has clear steps.  I’ve done it over and over again, intentionally disrupting the known parts of my life in order to create a better experience for and within myself.  That’s what I’ll be sharing with you.

For me, this journey has led me to study behavioral health, the science of biofield and energy healing, meditation and breathwork.   It’s led me to the wisdom traditions of the East and the emerging science of epigenetics, cardioneurology, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum physics and more. 

Along the way I discovered many things I had not only never been taught, but I had absolutely no language around: energy anatomy and the infinite, wise, connected healer within.

I would call this process learning The Anatomy of Self-Love or Falling in Love with Your Wholeness.  Why anatomy? Because your body has a highly-ordered, self-organizing anatomical energy system that is always working with and for you.  It IS you!  You can get to know it, to feel it, to follow its guidance, and, amazingly—live in it’s bliss.

Why love and wholeness? Because that’s our true nature, our true self.  The practices of energy healing and meditation provide direct, first-hand experiences that reveal this truth. 

If the idea of self-love seems selfish, just check in with yourself and challenge that.  Because I can assure you one thing: when you love yourself more, when you feel into and fall in love with your wholeness and can see that you have creative power over your life experience and personal reality, two things will spontaneously happen: you’ll love everyone else more and you’ll want to share.

And won’t more of those two things heal a whole lot in our outer world?

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