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To fight, feed, free or flow…that is the question: the power of knowing you can choose

There’s certainly no one-size fits all structure for assessing life, but when it comes to looking at the relationships, conditions, environments and situations of our life that create stress in our bodymind, sometimes a simple framework is useful to begin sorting things out.

It’s an art to become objective about our subjective human experience.

In becoming objective, we reach beyond the emotions that charge the body with feeling sensation–that emotional energy that challenges us and can limit our perspective. This shift can:

  • support us in processing and healing the unhelpful energies in our life
  • help us to use emotion for what it’s meant to do–guide us
  • discern which people, places, things and conditions are life-giving
  • assess which energies are life-depleting
  • give us some elevation over the limitation of stress and perceive possibility we didn’t know existed

Naming things is powerful medicine.

Energy medicine teaches us that we tend to have 4 responses to stress. Knowing these can help us to remove biases and conditioning as we evaluate the impact of stressors in our life. As we develop clarity and evolve beyond crisis, chaos, overwhelm, emotional traumas, anxiety and depression, we see that these 4 responses are also 4 choices, and that we can be the conscious creator of our life by selecting whichever best serves our life in the moment.


The fight response is in place to save our life. We fight to defend our being. The problem is, in chronic stress or with cultural conditioning, our filters and perspectives about what’s truly life-threatening become clouded.

Are you feeling resistance in your physical body? Do you feel yourself tense up around certain people or in certain environments? Are you frustrated or angry a lot of the time and you’re not even sure why? These sensations may be a sign that your mindbody complex is in a chronic state of fight-or-flight.

In this state, we are forced into survival mind and we tend to think our problems can only be solved with sheer power–body-to-body or matter-to-matter. We have to push, shove, manipulate, work harder, endure more grief, and grow more and more fatigued while getting worse results.

If we never elevate ourselves out of the emotions that compel us to fight with the people and conditions around us, our choices and perspectives are limited.

Fight state is not a creative state of mind, and if we are conditioned to fight, our brain might not even recognize an obvious alternative immediately before us. In this state-of being–operating from this level of mind–we are vigilant, waiting for the other shoe to drop even when there’s no real and imminent danger.

If we stay in fight-or-flight state-of-mind long enough, we can lose our sensitivity to the body’s subtle signals that are always directing us to more comfort and less overwhelm.

As director of the body, we can heal our fight mind by taking time away from people and conditions that stress us, to give ourselves a new perspective, a new opportunity to become objective without the repetitious negative stimulation of unhelpful energies. Ideally, this time allows us to take steps, to assume self-responsibility and affords us time and space to identify choices and options we couldn’t see in chronic stress.


We can feed energies that are ultimately unhelpful for us through our unconsciousness, through our not knowing. Becoming conscious–becoming aware–of knowing what we don’t know is for most of us a very, very difficult task.

It’s very challenging in stress, or in the midst of a family, work or cultural difficulty to know what you don’t know, to be aware of something we’ve never experienced or embodied. This sounds obvious, but many of us blame ourselves for not knowing something once we do find it out.

“Feeding a problem” is contributing to increasing the energy of something that is not helpful to our well-being. I’m not going to name specific behaviors here, because life is complex and we stay in difficult situations for all sorts of reasons, but we can use this concept to evaluate our personal tolerance of and willingness to embody a continued involvement in “feeding” the things in life that cause stress.

Withdrawing your thoughts, di-vesting your emotions and even removing your presence from the people, conditions and environments that are unhelpful to your health are all powerful ways to recall your creative energy to you. Think of this as energetically feeding yourself–and self-loving act of self-preservation which may enable you to recall your valuable life-force energy back to you so you have energy to create the life you want.


Freedom in this sense can be either a mental act, an emotional act or a physical one–or it can be all three. To free ourselves from stress is to change our relationship to it.

Can you change the way you think about certain aspects of your life? Can you adopt new beliefs around it that don’t produce the same level of stress?

Can you change the way you feel about things? You can condition your body to better-feeling emotions by noticing the groups of sensations in your body which are a response to the conditions of your life.

What would it be like if you became more cognizant of and more effectively responsive to this guidance and used your energy to creatively rearrange your expectations, your resistance to and your acceptance of them?

I understand just how challenging or even impossible this work might seem, but just ask the questions and maybe a new possibility will reveal itself. Just know that everything is energy.

Your thoughts are energy.

Your emotions are energy.

What we are thinking and what we are feeling is creating our state-of-being.

We can bring more life force energy into your life by stopping thinking and stopping feeling about those things in our life that are out of our control, that don’t bring us peace, that don’t create harmony and which disrupt our heart.

We liberate energy by redirecting our thoughts and generating good feelings by spending time and energy on the things that bring us life.


To flow through life, to me is to embody mastery. I would define mastery as maintaining an inner state of peace and harmony throughout the ease AND amidst the difficulties of life, and remembering moment-to-moment that I have a choice.

Easier said than done, I know. That’s why meditation and medicine are called a practice.

To flow means to be aware, to live as awareness itself, recognizing the inner urge to fight, to feed, to free or to flow in the moment, and to be conscious about the choice to take whichever action preserves my life, my spirit, my integrity and my bliss in the moment.

If you’d like to learn more about how these and other energy medicine concepts can help your life, you can learn about my services here, and peek in on upcoming retreat offerings. The modalities of energy healing are forms of drugless wellness–no matter what you’re currently experiencing or what treatments you are receiving, they can do no harm. You can visit my upcoming classes and retreats page here.

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Difficult People: Surviving Challenging Relationships with Energy Medicine

It started out as an ordinary family holiday, everyone gathered in the kitchen, the happy din of chatter and laughter, people cooking, people playing games at the kitchen table.  We eagerly anticipated the feast. 

I was sitting at the table having a delightful conversation with a family member who was in her first year of college, and I remember I’d just asked the question, “So tell me, what are you learning at college that has nothing to do with what you’re learning in your classes?”

I love asking people her age this question, and really what I was seeking was to remember the mind of a 19-year-old, and to see how the world looked and felt like socially and culturally through their perception. My body was in relaxed, aware anticipation, at rest and ease while I awaited her response, expecting something that would satisfy and amuse me.

Abandon expectation

But on a dime, everything suddenly changed.

Another family member who I’d been close to all my life but with whom I’d had some serious struggles and conflict over the years, swung around from the counter where she was slicing onions and waved her huge chef’s knife back and forth in the air in front of my chest, finishing her gesture with target precision, pointing it at my heart. 

She was standing a couple of feet away from me, and I didn’t consciously THINK she was going to stab me, but my body felt differently as she said with a kind of hostility and hatred that didn’t match the occasion, “You know, that’s the problem with you, you always have to…”

Alarmed, I stood up, trying to grasp how the energy of the moment had switched from peace to aggression in mere moments.

In a blur of utter confusion, unable to make rational sense of the difference between what my brain expected to receive and what it was receiving, I blocked out her words as she finished her sentence about whatever was wrong with me, and turned around nonchalantly, returning to her onions. 

The Hormones of Survival

My nervous system had switched from peaceful ease to survival mode in an instant.  My heart was pounding and felt outside my chest, adrenaline was rushing through my veins.  My body said “run or you’re gonna die!” but my brain resisted:  it presumed I was safe in a house full of people who were trustworthy. 

Talk about conflicting messages!

My stomach clenched with nausea and my body was shaking all over.  My legs felt simultaneously rooted to the floor and as if they had been knocked out from under me.  I held onto the back of my chair and felt a little out of my body. I could feel myself shaking my head as if that would clear the webs of confusion out of my overwhelmed brain. 

I could feel my blood pressure escalate and it felt like a portal opened in the crown of my head, that my life-force energy drained out there, leaving me light-headed.  Weirdly my tongue felt like it spontaneously had swollen.  I realized I was holding my breath and then gasped for air.

I managed to mobilize myself, moved into the next room and tried to regain my bearings.

In a semi-unconscious act of self-preservation for which I will always be grateful, I took out my phone and took a video of my own hand shaking and trembling wildly, and I recorded my voice saying, “Don’t you ever forget this.  This is what she does to you.  Don’t you ever, EVER forget this.”

The Problem of Vigilance

It’s taken a long and painful road to understand, unwind and heal within me the conflict in that relationship, but it has been one of my greatest lessons in life and I’m grateful for that.  

The situation has helped me to see that chronic stress and dishonesty in a relationship can place us in a state of vigilance. This vigilance simultaneously keeps us alert to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical danger AND unable to discern clearly and navigate skillfully within it.

The act of recording the physical evidence of duress in that single event allowed me to start the process of being honest about the true nature of the relationship beyond my biases and my conditioning. 

With the knife event, the violence of our relationship reached an undeniable crescendo.  In the past, this person had slapped me, yelled at me, resented me, threatened me, and ignored and withdrawn from me out of spite.  They had been habitually both aggressive and passive aggressive toward me.  But there were plenty of good times and laughs, too, and that created within me a kind of blindness, or a blind loyalty. 

In truth and in hindsight, it created within me an unconscious but ultimately self-destructive tolerance that only I could heal, and which had less to do with her and more to do with me, my beliefs, my expectations, and my interpretation of her behavior.  

I began to understand that she was a stimulus to which I had a habituated response. 

Over the lifetime of the relationship, I had been neurologically primed and programmed to a cycle of vigilance, avoidance, tolerance and/or submission.  Our shared history, her erratic, at times manic or depressed, volatile and aggressive tendencies, coupled with my inability to express myself, assert myself or set reasonable boundaries, left me on guard for anything—in good times and in bad.

That’s energetically unsustainable if the goal is wellness and wholeness.

Objective Witnessing

Removing the personality and objectively looking at the behavior liberated me. 

I understood that this person just embodied certain words and actions that produced within me an emotional reaction.  Independent of whether or not they intended harm, my emotional reaction to their behavior was embodied within me, and it harmed me, no one else

This was a wildly uncomfortable conclusion that didn’t happen overnight.  It took a grueling number of years and more provoking events.  I had to endure within me tremendous sadness and numerous cycles of painful grief as I mourned the loss of close family connection. 

Overcoming decades of conditioning, I had to learn—to teach myself—to be dedicated to loving and caring for myself more than I was dedicated to upholding some belief agreement that didn’t support my life.

Tuning in to bodymind wisdom

My video helped me to begin the process of honoring my body’s interpretation of the experience without my brain’s conditioned analysis which caused an over-write of my spirit’s desire to thrive, not just survive.  

My brain was firmly rooted in the illusion of and attachment to a false-and-limited belief of what I needed to tolerate as “normal family stuff,” at the expense of my own well-being.  Formed long ago in my past, I unconsciously agreed to a definition of family without question.  To my own spiritual, mental, emotional, and now, it would seem, potentially physical peril.

Our body is always offering guidance on what we should move away from or closer to, and we condition ourselves to override that guidance by over-analyzing the experience in our brain.  Our culture is very mental-oriented. Often what we don’t realize is that over-thinking and over-analyzing is siphoning our attention and therefore our energy away from actually feeling the emotional energy, and therefore the body’s language, reducing our ability to effectively solve our problems.

A body of many brains

Energy medicine has taught me that we can view our nervous system as a series of “mini brains,” or intelligent centers of energy-information.  Specifically, the nerve plexuses that emerge from our spinal column in our pelvis, sacrum, solar plexus, heart and neck are always responding to the energy and information of our life.  They are always decoding and assessing the relevant benefits or threats of the people, places, conditions, and environments of our life.  If we just attune our awareness to them and use our brain for what it’s meant for (decision-making) we’d feel less stressed.

The “mini brains” of our lower body are centers of consciousness and they are always assessing:

  • Am I safe and do I have permission to take up space?
  • Am I able to assimilate and do I have the permission to express myself?
  • Am I able to act and can I direct my life?

If these aren’t met, the body can respond with fight, flight, freeze or withdraw response—feeling pain or heaviness in the legs, lethargy, feeling antsy or numb.  People might have symptoms of digestive disruption, chronic stomach aches or difficulty deeply breathing in this state-of-being.

Our heart is the center of our energy process and it’s always working to guide us to intuitive, inner truth and wisdom in love.  It would be wise for us to feel and “think” with our heart, which is inherently guiding us toward what’s most loving to us.  We know this when we feel soothing, harmonic peaceful sensations in our chest.

The “mini brain” of the neck and throat and the big brain in our head are about the enlightened consciousness of verbal expression, creating with love, connecting to the mystical, multidimensional meta-reality we are a part of, and connecting to cosmic, divine, life-giving energy.

Tuning in to the wisdom and guidance of the whole body helps us to become aware of the habituated responses we have developed over the course of our life.  More conscious, objective awareness of the body’s assessment helps us question the dissonant or incoherent (unbeneficial) energy of the conditions, relationships, and environments we have unconsciously normalized.  

Why energy medicine?

The exquisite beauty of energy healing is that it can heal and inform the head-brain in an instant what can take years to consciously work out through excessive and redundant thought.  In energy healing, the flow of highly coherent universal life-force is increased, and as it moves through the body, it supports the body in processing the emotional energy stored in our cellular environment. 

All energy carries information, and highly coherent energy is intelligent, organizing energy.  When we rest and get our thinking head-brain out of the way, it can restore, reorganize, re-order and regulate us back into centered wholeness.

Healing begins when we give ourselves opportunities to get out of survival, and when we give ourselves permission—we love ourselves enough—to withdraw from relationships that keep us in a disordered vigilance and which diminish our wholeness.

It takes time to learn how to trust our body and the information it is providing about our life.  This is where the naturally easy meditation practice of Yoga Nidra can be helpful.  To learn more about energy healing or Yoga Nidra meditation, book a private session or join an upcoming class or retreat.  Text or call Diana at 207-249-2261 or email dianamariachapin@gmail.com with questions.

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How to make meditation not a war with your mind

It was a real epiphany to me the day I realized meditation wasn’t about stopping my thoughts or “watching them float across my mind like clouds across a sky,” as some suggest.

Not helpful! It was like a mental hurricane up there in my brain, the barrage of thoughts zipping and swirling, and the more I focused on quieting them, the more my body convinced me that my pursuit of mental silence was doomed. With my efforts an inevitable failure, I gave up, dissatisfied and frustrated.

Then one day out of the blue, it occurred to me that meditation is about focusing on something that’s not thought.

To me, this awareness makes meditation wildly easier than I ever imagined. It makes meditation something I look forward to every day. I daresay (insert huge gasp here!) I PLAY meditation like a kid plays outside in the sandbox.

Playing Meditation

Could it be possible that for you too meditation could be come something so fantastic that you’d look forward to doing it every day? That it could be no struggle? That it could change how you feel about your body and humanity in general? That it could improve your everyday state-of-being, your emotional regulation and your life? Effortlessly?

Dare to imagine that this could be true. And the only thing you need is your body, a curious mindset and some time!

Remember when you were a kid setting off to play you didn’t really have a goal? You just set off with the intention to have fun, and it didn’t really matter if you ended up lobbing a ball around in the yard, clashing sticks for hours with the neighbor kids in the woods out back, or horsing around in muddle puddles in the driveway in your new muck boots.

As kids we didn’t consciously have an objective or something to achieve–we found pleasure in non-doing. We just held onto this loose idea that we’d find something to occupy us, that it would be fulfilling on some level and that we would just loose ourselves in some mindless self-soothing that brought us joy for this now moment.

As adults now, we find ways to engineer these moments.

Remember Yourself as Oneness & Wholeness

In fact, meditation is a practice of becoming familiar with your unknown self. I say its the practice of getting to know our as-of-yet-not-fully-rediscovered Divine Self.

Yep, that’s a mouthful, but I don’t know how to say it more consisely.

For me, meditation is a practice that helps us peel back the layers of the Divine Self we forgot when we were born here on Earth. Some of us had contact with this Divinity within and around us as children, and we lost touch with it as we grew up, experienced life events and were taught to be limited, to be small and to conform to norms.

Some of us have no memory of our Divine Self, and through meditation, we discover the joy of remembering and bringing this new awareness into every aspect of our life.

I practice, teach and guide Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra is state of consciousness, a state of relaxed awareness that opens a doorway between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is a mystical state-of-being in which we can interact with energy within and around us and have experiences that range from pleasant insights to massive spiritual epiphanies to radical spontaneous healings.

A hallmark of this practice–the healing and transformative power of it–is that where our attention goes, our energy flows. Its not novel, necessarily, because it’s how our whole life works: where our attention goes our energy follows. For example, you think about brushing your teeth in the morning and your body will follow that thought effortlessly to the bathroom sink.

What makes this phenomenon novel in the context of meditation is that our attention is CREATIVE POWER for healing, change and self-determination. Meditation practice supports us in every aspect of our life in moving from victim to creator.

If we want to transform your relationship with meditation and with the energy we embody, it’s super helpful to know about types of focus:

  • Convergent Focus–one center of focus; we flow all our attention to this one point and our awareness converges on the object of our notice.
  • Divergent Focus–open focus or awareness on space rather than an object; focus on more than one point or object of notice simultaneously.
  • Internal/Inner Focus–Focus on your body as space, as a container that energy and information move through, including the bio-field of electro-magnetic energy around your body in the space of your room.
  • External Focus–Focus on the non-physical and physical energy of things that are not your body and not your bio-field.

Forgetting to think

In meditation we are focusing on something other than thought. We might sit by the ocean and converge our focus on the waves lapping the shore or we may divergently gaze across the harbor and notice all the happenings within our direct and peripheral vision simultaneously. We might lay on the deck in the sun and focus our awareness on sensing and perceiving down into the space of our body so deeply that we simply forget to think.

These focus types are rich. There is no right or wrong here, and its not as if we are focusing correctly or incorrectly. It’s just valuable to know that you can choose. You can choose to shift your focus and your attention. And when we do this, when we step-by-step master this, we master our creative energy and greatly influence the direction of our life.

Could it be possible that through the practice of meditation you could fall madly in love with your very being? The unique expression of life that we call you? Maybe, even, is it possible you could discover that you’re a pretty magnificent?

This is the work I practice and teach, and if learning more interests you, it’s so valuable to set aside some one-on-one time to talk about what this can mean for you life and to develop skills in regulating your mental-emotional energy.

The retreats I lead are designed to help you build these skills quickly and to feel inspired by what’s within you and the greater reality that you are connected to. The modalities of energy healing are forms of drugless wellness–no matter what you’re currently experiencing or what treatments you are receiving, they can do no harm. You can visit my upcoming classes and retreats page here.

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Learn more about Yoga Nidra in my January 24th blog here


This is how awareness of your energy can help heal your mind, body & life

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I looked around me, in the sea of 1200 people and I realized everyone here seemed like a perfectly “ordinary” person.

And we were: there was no single demographic, no common identity other than human. 

We represented every skin pigmentation, the expanse of educational backgrounds, every point on the monetary spectrum from financially impoverished to incredibly wealthy. 

We were aged 7 to 92, and we were from farms and rural outposts, the world’s greatest cities and everything in between.  We were male, female and those who identified differently from the binary order.   

Some of us had travelled the world over and others, this was one of a few privileged trips beyond the familiar life-long existence in a single place.

We were all sorts of spiritual and not spiritual at all.  We were scientists and mystics, the seekers, the finders and the lost.

We had birth defects, were mentally impaired by injury and were brilliant.  We were clear-thinking and mentally and emotionally disrupted by anxiety and depression. 

Some of us were speed walkers, marathon runners and big mountain hikers, others were bound to wheelchairs and walkers and medical devices I’d never seen before, physically limited by diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, advanced Lyme Disease, the degeneration of age or injury, or impaired by mystery illnesses that had no known origin.

We were anorexic and overweight, chronically stressed and naturally peaceful.  We were vegans and meat-eaters, drinkers and smokers and in recovery.

We were from all parts of the world…well, many parts: participants from 121 countries gathering for a week-long healing retreat in Indian Wells, California, in February 2020. 

Beyond all our labels we were all ultimately seeking the same things: healing, relief, wholeness, clarity, the mystical. We were unified by the idea of our own personal transformation, the evolution of humanity and the expansion and elevation of human consciousness. 

We had the idea that if we could heal our self, we could in turn affect the whole of humanity: heal our part of the whole, and thereby, take part in healing the whole.

It seemed we were united by being more at peace and bringing more peace into the world as individuals and as a collective.

Becoming awareness and entering receiving mode

We laid down in meditation, over a thousand of us, spread shoulder-to-shoulder on the floor of the conference center’s great ballroom, which felt the size of a football field.  Our meditation guide—a genius, a master meditator, a mystic, a brilliant scientist, and to me, the greatest global leader of our time—Dr. Joe Dispenza spoke into the heavenly abyss of the low-lit room and we each navigated a journey of our own inner wonderland and simultaneously connected to the energy of the collective in the room. 

Toward the end of our meditation something very special and interesting happened. It started slowly at first. 

A woman on the other side of the room from me started giggling and then burst out a little laugh.  After a pause she chuckled and snickered.  But then she just couldn’t contain herself.  She started laughing and even sobbing a little the way we do when we laugh so hard we cry. 

The people around her started to giggle and a few people in random spots around the room did too. 

I thought this unfolding was amusing and kind of cute, but I managed to hold my awareness on the energy within and around my body in the space of the huge ballroom.

At the same time, I just couldn’t help it, the thought of them giggling made me smile. 

Then something fascinating and delightful happened. 

Know you are greater than your physical body

I sensed and perceived a wave of energy flowing throughout the room: it ebbed and flowed over us, it pulsed with something that magnetic that gripped my interest and curiosity.  I paid attention to it more and held my awareness on it, sensing and perceiving into the energy of the space of the room.

As I tuned in to the space—using my whole body and mind (more aptly I should call it “bodymind”) as an instrument of attunement— I engaged in using an ability we can all cultivate that is perceiving beyond the 5 senses.  Through some fine-tuned and practiced combination awareness, sensing and perceiving, I felt into that magnetic energy present over and around us.

Simultaneously, I mentally tabbed through possibility. 

Was the energy rich? It was pulsing with life.  

What was that pushing sensation? It felt like it was prompting me. 

Had it stilled? I felt pause over me, like an invitation, but demanding nothing.

What was that tickling feeling in my forearms and legs that made my hair stand on end?  Was it…it was fun! It was playful! It was joyful!

As this all dawned on me, as it became conscious and articulated in my mind through words I could understand, I connected fully to the energy. 

I “touched” it through my awareness of it and it touched me.

Know that all energy carries information and you are a decoding instrument

I felt the playful, joyful fun nature of the energy within the space of my body and my body giggled, a little laugh escaping from me, my shoulders shaking as the energy pleasantly flooded through me.

It sounds a little trippy because it is, but I assure you the only chemicals and intoxicants that were making this happen were the natural chemicals within me that my own brain and my own endocrine system produced as it received the information contained in the energy of the room.

I felt the habitual response of social pressure and self-consciousness kick in, that maybe I shouldn’t laugh out loud and disturb the people around me, but I surrendered to the good feeling of laughter instead. It felt too darn good to just let it pass me by.  I let myself giggle, snicker, chuck then just laugh out loud, and soon the people around me were laughing too.

The energy grew, interconnecting fields of bio-magnetic energy, gaining coherence and momentum, one person, then the next and the next.  Within what I think was probably under a couple minute’s time I was in a sea of a thousand people from all walks of life around the globe and we were all laughing for no reason at all, moved by an energy that could only be the Spirit of Joy itself

No one was untouched by the feeling of gladness: in the playful common ground of Unconditional Love we were all One.

Feel into the reality that your body is an instrument of attunement

We are attuning to the energy around us all the time, and we either consciously (knowingly) and subconscious (unknowingly) connecting to it.

Whatever we are connecting to we are becoming more like: we embody the energy of our life.  So it’s well worth becoming aware of how our energy works, and how we can use the power of our attention and awareness to change our energy and transform our life.

We can tell we are attuning to the energy of our life because it makes us feel a certain way. 

Think about how your body feels when:

  • You are in an environment or with someone who makes you feel safe and accepted
  • You engage in a hobby in which you get lost in for hours at a time
  • You alone get to choose what you want to do and where you want to be today; no demands, you feel in command of your life
  • You are with a person, watch a movie, listen to a podcast or read a book that inspires you
  • You find the perfect, satisfying words to speak your truth; you feel proud of yourself
  • You get that crystal clear insight that helps you navigate whatever you’re working through personally, or within a relationship or job

On the other hand, think about how your body feels when:

  • You feel scared; you’re overwhelmed by not knowing what to do, feeling threatened, frozen in place physically, emotionally and/or mentally
  • You don’t feel accepted by your family, friends, community, boss or employer…or by anyone at all
  • You have no say over your time, and you’re being driven from one thing to the next; you feel pushed through life; you’re just surviving right now
  • You can’t remember the last time you felt happy or connected to your life and others
  • You experience frustration and anger because you can’t seem to find the words to express your understanding of a situation or why you feel the way you do
  • Your mind feels cluttered, frazzled, foggy, racing or all over the place; you’re anxious or depressed or oscillating back and forth between those states

The body is always processing the energy of your life

By developing a greater level of conscious awareness around attunement and how energy feels in specific areas of our body, we can learn to use our body in our everyday experience as an instrument of guidance.   

We can pick up on the subtle ques our body is offering us in our relationships, in the conditions of our life and in our environment.  We can learn to use feedback make better-informed decisions about what we want more in our life and what we want less. 

And we can learn to use our body—to entrain ourselves—as an instrument of attunement in meditation to connect with energy that is creative and life-giving, joyful, appreciative, abundant and liberating. 

Remember, what we are connecting to we are becoming more like…who doesn’t want to feel more alive, more joyful, more peaceful, more in love?

The body’s nature is to self-regulate and to self-organize into coherence and harmony

Through meditation and energy healing we can get familiar with and memorize the sensations of our own energy so well that we immediately know what’s “ours” and what’s “not ours” in the experience of our everyday life. This ability to attune to the information within your own body—to create and attune to your own inner harmony—helps you to discern which people, places, conditions and things in your life flow helpful, life-giving energy to you, and which ones disrupt your energy or throw you out of your alignment

In my experience it helps to consciously make these decisions and affirm yourself in them as you explore your inner being, your inner energy.  These may be new ideas/beliefs for you, so come back to them and see if their meaning changes for you:

  • I want to know myself.  I want to take time to get to know who I am, who I say I am.  I am just going to push the pause button on what the outer world has taught me about being human while I figure this out.  Time is my friend, and I’m here to use time the way that suits my higher purposes in life.
  • I trust myself.  I’m going to take whatever I discover within me as my truth, as my personal authority and law.  I trust that what I encounter will be the best thing for me, and that whatever I might feel is my body educating me on what I need to know. If at times it feels overwhelming or weird, I’ll just remind myself that’s because I’m having a new experience of the energy of my inner being. I’m learning about my own energy and feeling into the part of me that’s pure energy, including but beyond matter.  If I experience something and don’t understand it, I’ll remind myself that it’s only weird because it’s new and unfamiliar.  I’m going to get my bearings in this work and soon I’ll be better at decoding what my body is trying to tell me.
  • I love myself enough to do this.  You know, it’s possible that nobody has taught me the most important things or the full picture about the nature of my inner being.  I’m going to have to teach myself…no! I’m going to ENJOY teaching myself.  I want to know myself and heal myself more than anything.  So I’ll be patient.  I’ll trust that everything is going to come into my awareness at the right time that I’m ready to integrate it into my life’s wisdom.
  • I am willing to accept help.  If I encounter something that seems too hard, too big, to confusing, etc., I’ll get help.  I’ll think about what resources I have available to me in the form of people, medical professionals, therapeutic modalities, massage, energy healing, the internet, books, podcasts, and the like and I’ll stay true to myself, getting the help I need to get to the next level or dig through the next layer.  I believe I’m surrounded by a world of wisdom, and I’ll be supported in my journey, I just know it!

The Anatomy of Self Love: Know your energy anatomy, follow its guidance and fall in love with your wholeness

Your physical body is surrounded by an intelligent field of life-force energy, light and information.  Science calls this your biofield, and it is electromagnetic in nature.  Within the disciplines of energy medicine, it is often called the Human Energy Field or (HEF.)  In energy healing terms, your biofield or HEF has spiritual, mental and emotional energy aspects and manifests/affects the state wellness and order within your physical body.

For now, just hold that as holistic (whole, holy) information, and look at the basic and practical starting point of how your energy anatomy is organized within and around your body.

Not only is a good practice to cultivate self-awareness, but it can be helpful to your healing to take time to feel into each of your primary energy centers whose epicenters are within the brain and at particular points on the spine where nerve plexuses emerge from the spinal cord.

These nerve plexuses transmit energy and information from the world around you and from the tissues in their corresponding areas to your brain.  And your brain sends energy and information through the spinal cord and these nerve plexuses to the tissues of your body in the areas that correspond with the nerve plexuses.

Your nervous system engages with the energy and information of your life and converts that information to chemistry through your endocrine system.  The hormones and chemical regulators move through the circulatory system to the organs, creating a state-of-being in the chemical, physical flesh.

For many people this is a novel view of the body—it sure was to me when I came into this work 9 years ago.  And it’s even more incredible to know that our perception of the energy around us—our thoughts and feelings about it—affect this whole process dramatically.

I don’t believe that anyone makes themselves sick.  But we certainly can learn to use our awareness, our consciousness to help ourselves heal.

The Eastern wisdom traditions have for thousands of years known, discussed and taught energy anatomy. Volumes have been written about this system, called the Chakra system.

An illustration of the Chakra system/energy centers

Chakra means “spinning wheel of light,” and indicates that the life-force energy that sustains and animates us has a spiraling nature.  This is replicated in the natural world around us and can be seen in things like pinecones, sunflowers and nautilus shells, and it’s illustrated in our spinning Earth and spiraling galaxy.

Here’s my table of basic information regarding the 7 primary energy centers and the basic information about them.

Spend time in meditation, sensing and perceiving into the space these centers occupy in your physical body. 

Try not to judge the sensations or even assign meaning to the words that come to mind, but gently assess.  You’re just information gathering, so be the mind of an objective observer, what in meditation is called “the silent witness.” 

Hold on to the idea that your body is naturally powerful self-regulating and self-organizing.  As you feel into your energy centers, invite flow, life, grace, abundance, freedom and empowerment into your life.

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You, Mastermind: Moving from matter to energy and changing your mind about who you really are

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We live in a culture that would have us believe that authority resides outside of us.  It’s a contradictory, inconsistent culture that simultaneously demands we find common-ground and figure out and agree on what’s “right,” while it also relentlessly diverts our attention away from the very thing that will help us create that peace. 

Our attention is most valuable resource on Earth.  

If we let it, this modern life can wildly disrupt the sanctity and sanctuary of our inner being and provoke incoherence within ourselves, our relationships and our society, leading us away from, not toward, greater peace. 

Our inner-most being, our true nature—that aspect of us that is pure heart, pure energy, pure unconditional love—is the real authority. 

As a collective, as we are discovering how to listen to our inner authority, to feel peace one body at a time, and to create peace within the whole, one body at a time.

What has our attention has our energy. Another way to say that is where our attention goes, our energy flows.

Energy medicine has helped me (and helped people I support in my role as a healer) to understand and experience that no matter what is happening in the world outside of our body, we can tap into a deep peace within, a peace that is always present—it’s never NOT present, it’s just obscured because our attention is elsewhere.

Before I developed some skill in the art and science of meditation and energy healing, I was solidly anchored in the conditions of the physical world.  With absolute dedication to “keeping up” and with my full attention on what was playing out outside of me, my energy streamed into my work and my responsibilities, into political involvement, into keeping up with the news—particularly on issues that enraged, overwhelmed, alienated, marginalized or scared me.

This non-creative outpouring of energy into the world, as compared to the inward reflection on, the contemplation of, the spending time with the loving, universal life-force of energy within me, caused a lop-sided sort of dynamic in my life. 

My stress showed up first emotionally as frustration and anger.  Next it showed up physically as acid reflux and a sensation of a constant, heavy magnetic pull in my stomach.  Next, I developed a thyroid disorder accompanied by the constant feeling of having a “lump” in my throat.

As time passed and the full-body anxiety came around, I found myself going from sound asleep in one moment to suddenly standing, heart racing, panting, incoherent thoughts racing uncontrollably in my brain while simultaneously experiencing utter confusion and complete overwhelm.  Night after night for nearly a year I’d wake up standing upright and freaked out beside my bed at precisely 2 a.m., my body a nightmare of anxiety vibrating madly at a cellular level. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-1210273-1.jpeg

I hadn’t consciously created my suffering, but I damn well needed to figure out how to heal it: I felt like I was on the verge of a heart attack most of the time.

Being dedicated to physical reality and the physicality of my body, the more poorly I felt, the more I looked for the cause of my suffering…in the people, conditions, environment, institutions, culture and society around me.. 

I sourced my problems as difficult people and screwed up relationships that emotionally hurt me or deeply troubled me with irreconcilable differences.  I attributed it to working too much, working physically too hard, eating mindlessly, too much and too fast, not having enough time or money, having what I felt was too much responsibility.

I carried around so much unresolved grief and my heart felt unbearably heavy all the time.  My dad had passed unexpectedly one November afternoon and there was a vacuum where his joyful warrior presence used to be.  Often, I found myself unconsciously holding my breath and when I did breathe deeply I could only feel my lungs filling to just below my collar bones.  Anything more made me choke, cough, gag or made my lungs feel like a hellish inferno. 

Over the course of one painful summer almost 10 years ago, it dawned on me that the people and the conditions outside of me were unlikely to change fast enough for me to heal what was happening inside me.  I had good evidence: I had tried to get people to change on the relationship front with horrible results.  

This idea that I would have to transform or change from within to make my reality better and to feel better in my body…it didn’t come as a lightening speed epiphany, a revelation that knocked me on my butt with enlightened self-awareness.  It was a slow-dawning, somewhat agonizing process that didn’t storm me with articulate clarity, but which has relatively amazing clarity only in hindsight. 

The revelation was basically a feeling, an impulse, an urge. It was a vague thought: “There’s got to be something more.”

I had a sneaking feeling that if I wanted whatever “more” was, I’d have to change.  I’d have to change my relationship with my body, my relationship with time, my relationship to work, my relationship to others, my relationship to the world.

Turns out, the quickest way to change the world is to change yourself. And by quick I mean in the next 5 years I made shift after transformational shift in pursuit of more fulfillment.

Overcoming Limited Awareness and Waking up the Healer

As life sometimes shows “terrible things—” undesirable events we would never ask for—often result in wonderful opportunities and unexpected outcomes.  Awareness of the non-physical reality that underlies the physical reality we all tend to orient toward began for me with a single experience, on frigid, snowy night in early 2015.  This experience propelled me off my predicted path and onto a path of understanding my life as “more energy, less matter.”

That night, my friend Wendi suffered a severe concussion, which at the on-set was a terrible thing.  (Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. Here are some shots of Wendi and me unsuccessfully staging what we hoped would be perfectly synchronized leaps off benches on a visit to NYC a couple years ago. Please note Wendi’s total collaboration and my unnecessarily instructive hand-gestures, which make us both laugh our butts off.)

Immediately following her accident, Wendi was physically somewhat disabled and mentally disoriented, incapacitated, ungrounded and overwhelmed.  The first few days and weeks after the event were horribly shocking, as we watched Wendi’s cognitive skills, her relational and her language skills and her incredible story-telling ability diminish. 

We worried for her very survival, for the survival of the personality we loved. 

I had no language around what I was witnessing at the time, but in hindsight the core of my being felt threated with imminent grief, by a fear that she would never recover, that I’d never know, see or hear the Wendi I loved again. 

I wasn’t alone. 

Wendi was (and is, this story has a happy ending!) loved for her amazing awareness, attention, clarity, wisdom and the embodiment of what she believes about this life.  We loved how her personality burst forth from her deeply-held and beliefs that were hard-won by life’s trials: her humor, for how she saw things, for how quickly she connected with others, for the goodness she saw in the world, the potential she saw in all beings.

Wendi’s pre-accident experience of vibrance, vitality and joy was vividly juxtaposed against an entirely different, wildly more limited reality.  In one event, ALL OF OUR PERSONAL REALITIES rocked, shook, held in a balance as we awaited an outcome to assure us all would be well, that SHE would be well, that WE would be well. 

It took some time

We watched, helpless observers, as our friend’s incredible life-force, her admirable will rose up from within to exert itself…from within and beyond a brain that had experienced a terrible trauma.

To change is to be greater than the conditions we are experiencing, and Wendi’s recovery showed me that the inner will, and the will and support of those around us matters when we want to change. 

We need people around us to remind us of who we want to become.

It took time to envision a future beyond our injured friend…it was hard to watch, to wait, to help in small ways while healing happened within and around Wendi.  So hard to witness another’s suffering.

The good news is Wendi has rebounded with a tremendous vigor that makes it hard to recall that past reality.  In the meanwhile, though, I’ve learned volumes and volumes about who she, who I, who we are!

In the weeks and months that followed Wendi had debilitating headaches, some loss of vision, loss of memory and trouble speaking. She couldn’t drive because she couldn’t see properly and she couldn’t maintain balance in her physical body.  She needed support with transportation to her Craniosacral Therapy sessions, and so I happily volunteered to drive.

Sitting in a chair in the therapy room, I watched as Wendi’s therapist, Moriah, lightly rested her hands on Wendi’s head or feet.  To my uninformed eye, it didn’t look like Moriah was doing anything because her body was so still and unmoving.  But Wendi was experiencing an inner light show behind her closed eyes, and at times she would utter some expression of relief from the pain or exclaim a statement that had to do with some insight about her life (perhaps even something that happened decades before) that had spontaneously come into her awareness.

After a couple of sessions curiosity got the better of me and I asked Moriah what exactly she was doing to cause this dynamic effect with what appeared to be very little effort.

“Come on over here and I’ll teach you,” Moriah invited.

I stood up and following her direction, I went to the edge of the massage table and placed my hands on Wendi’s head as I had seen Moriah do during the sessions.  Moriah placed her hands lightly over mine and drew my hands away from Wendi’s head so they were barely even touching her hair.

“You’re feeling for the craniosacral pulse,” Moriah explained. “It has a rhythm, a pulse of energy that flows up the spine from the tailbone to the skull and brain.  I’ll feel for it through your hands, and you just follow my hands in and out with the pulse, then I’ll let go and you see what you can perceive.”

No other word but awestruck could describe my state of being as I realized in just a few moments I could—through a strange combination of feeling and awareness and insight that was intuitively an innate skill—perceive Wendi’s life-force energy through my palms.  I was feeling anything physical, but instead I was feeling into non-physical, unseen dimension that was eminently real and which had always been there, just outside of perception. 

And in a weird way it seemed more real, more familiar than the dimension I could see. 

It was magnetic, alive, universal but also unique to Wendi.  It felt creative, bursting with vitality, wanting to express itself and forge on, expand, affect things, be known.  This pulsing sensation felt jam-packed with so much intelligent information it felt like it was struggling to stay bound within the area around Wendi.  It felt boundless and connected.

A frontier.

I have no idea how all these things came to me so quickly, they just did.  And with the same lightening blast of awareness into this magic-feeling unseen dimension, I was aware that I wasn’t doing anything special—that we could all do this.  It felt like I was feeling into something and perceiving something that I remembered from a long time ago and had just forgotten.  Just like that wobbly feeling when you get back on a bike after you haven’t ridden for a while.

“What is this magic?” I asked Moriah.

She giggled and said, “It’s energy.”

“But what’s energy?” I asked blankly.

It wasn’t magic, it was science–practical quantum physics. I had to know more.

Now, after 6 years of nearly daily study and practice, I can answer my own question “what’s energy?” with my ever-evolving understanding of what healing energy is: it is a vital, vibrant, intelligent, living matrix of light and information which is the loving intelligence of the Divine and it’s expressing Itself through us and through all of creation.  It’s within and around everything we can perceive with our 5 senses and everything we cannot.  

My physical body, your physical body, is material energy, sure, but the bigger part of who we are is non-physical energy.  My body, your body, is an instrument of consciousness.  Here’s what I think this time in history is inviting us to do:

  • Become aware, fine tune our perception of energy within and around our body, and among all aspects of our life
  • Develop our ability to use our body as an instrument of conscious creation
  • Consciously, selectively unmemorized some of our beliefs in and relationships with external authority and influences that limit us and limit our awareness of who we truly are
  • Get in touch with the energy of our inner being and true self–which is the bliss of creative and unconditional love–we remember that we get to decide who we are, what we want to feel, what we want to believe and who we want to become

Energy healing and meditation help us to connect to the fields of energy within and around us.  This energy at its source is highly coherent, orderly, peaceful, intelligent and loving.  When we become more aware of it, expand and unfold into, we become more of it, more like it and it becomes more of us.  To me, practicing this feeling into the connection to life-force energy is what creates inner peace, it’s how we pour our peace into the world, how we BECOME more peace in the world.

Next time I want to share with you what I’ve learned about human energy anatomy, because I’m certain if will help us be more aware of who we are truly.  Awareness of this non-physical reality is what saved me from the physical maladies and distress that manifested in my body from the stress of the past, and it’s one tool and framework through which so many of the present collective are leaning into to navigate these strange times.

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