Healing Sessions

We all have an “inner physician”—our body’s natural healing wisdom.  Just as the body can heal a skinned knee without assistance, the body has the potential to heal so much more.   During Reiki we enter meditative state, moving aside thoughts and daily concerns and rest in an amplified energy state that facilitates the body’s healing.

There is truly nothing to do to prepare for your session, however, placing yourself in receiving mode is very useful.  “I receive, allow and release,” is a great feeling, affirmation or mantra to practice in anticipation of your session.  Throughout the session you may remain silent or chat at any time.  You will be fully clothed and can lay on the table, floor or sit in a chair.  You are free free to adjust your position at any time.

Your personal intention is incredibly powerful.  It is not necessary, but helpful, if you come with a clear intention for your session. You can hold this in mind or share it aloud.

Diana offers in-person and long-distance energy healing and meditation guidance sessions.  People may attend individually, with a partner or as a group.

Energy Healing Session Rates~ Diana accepts appointments and welcomes new clients.  When making an appointment please indicate if you would like to allow 1 hour ($65) or 1.5 hours ($90.) Buy a e-gift card for anyone here.

Mobile table services available (healing in your home or hospital visits.) Cash and checks accepted, with all major credit or debit cards accepted with $2 processing fee. Text/call 207-249-2261 or email dianamariachapin@gmail.com with questions.

Diana practices in her private studio at the Maine Integrative Wellness Center, Suite D, 8 Jesse Robbins Road, Belfast, Maine, USA.