The Anatomy of Self-Love

Your life is a frontier that is jam-packed with possibility. Your body is an instrument of consciousness. You are the most sophisticated instrument of creation on Earth! Master your energy, fall in love with your wholeness, fall in love with your life!

Hi, I’m Diana. Scientist, energy healer and Yoga Nidra meditation guide. Lover of wisdom, humanity, and all things that help us master our energy, embody the life we choose and remember our wholeness.

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Diana Maria Chapin

The Anatomy of Self-Love

Making friends with your heart and your brain

In my energy healing practice, I often hear people say that their heart is telling them one thing, and their brain another. I imagine we have all been in this state: one in which we are living in a state of inner conflict. We feel an expectation from some unspoken agreement or the pressure of…

To fight, feed, free or flow…that is the question: the power of knowing you can choose

There’s certainly no one-size fits all structure for assessing life, but when it comes to looking at the relationships, conditions, environments and situations of our life that create stress in our bodymind, sometimes a simple framework is useful to begin sorting things out. It’s an art to become objective about our subjective human experience. In…

Difficult People: Surviving Challenging Relationships with Energy Medicine

It started out as an ordinary family holiday, everyone gathered in the kitchen, the happy din of chatter and laughter, people cooking, people playing games at the kitchen table.  We eagerly anticipated the feast.  I was sitting at the table having a delightful conversation with a family member who was in her first year of…

How to make meditation not a war with your mind

It was a real epiphany to me the day I realized meditation wasn’t about stopping my thoughts or “watching them float across my mind like clouds across a sky,” as some suggest. Not helpful! It was like a mental hurricane up there in my brain, the barrage of thoughts zipping and swirling, and the more…


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