Yoga Nidra Meditation

Meditation is a time-honored practice of calming the mind, expanding awareness and altering consciousness. Meditation is practiced for numerous health benefits, and to develop a powerful awareness of our inner, eternal being. Quieting the mind provides a direct, conscious, expansive connection to peace and can lead to a greater awareness of the connectedness and unity of all-that-is.

Various forms of meditation are found in virtually every culture. Diana offers instruction for different forms of meditation—standing, walking, sitting, subtle energy, and Yoga Nidra. She works with individuals, couples or groups to find a practice which will work with an individual’s lifestyle, time limitations, state-of-health and personal objectives.

Diana teaches about the human energy field and guides Yoga Nidra, “Awake Asleep” meditation that is naturally easy for most beginners.  Yoga Nidra is both a practice and a state of being, a act of surrendering to the oneness, wholeness and unity of creation, and could be considered an act of sleeping with the divine: a state within which mystical experiences often emerge. Yoga Nidra can help promote deep relaxation, and helps expand concentration skills, lighting the path to expanding awareness of the energy in and around the body. It has been scientfically proven to reduce anxiety, depression and PTSD. (See citations on welcome page, please.)

Meditation Session Rates~ Diana accepts appointments and welcomes new clients.  Cash and checks accepted, with all major credit or debit cards accepted with $2 processing fee. When making an appointment please indicate if you would like to allow 1 hour ($65) or 1.5 hours ($90.) to set up an individual, couples or group meditation text/call 207-249-2261 or email with questions.

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