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Making friends with your heart and your brain

In my energy healing practice, I often hear people say that their heart is telling them one thing, and their brain another.

I imagine we have all been in this state: one in which we are living in a state of inner conflict. We feel an expectation from some unspoken agreement or the pressure of others or our job that we follow our brain and the direction of the environment external to us. Meanwhile, the cues of our inner guidance offer some alternative that just feels better, more alluring, more soothing, more healing and more life-giving.

But we squelch it. We dismiss it. We override it.

We live in a very–I’ll say it, OVERLY–mental society. We overthink, we stress out, we become anxious and we rely on and expect our brain in it’s overworked, incoherent and hazy state to make perfect decisions.

And when we are overworked and overwhelmed we tend to freeze in place, afraid to make any decision or take any action. When this happens we are living in survival mind, and like an animal in the wild facing a predator, unable to empower the fight or flight mechanisms, we attempt to become invisible and freeze in place, hoping to be unseen.

Leading with your heart

Want more peace?  The key is your heart. 

Want to calm the thoughts in your brain?  The key is your heart. 

Want to reduce sensations of stress and anxiety in your body?  The key is your heart.

Our heart is the most powerful energy center on our body and it’s the center of our energy anatomy.  We have all sorts of intuitive phrases that signal that it’s our heart, not our brain, that offers the best guidance.  We “think” with our heart.  We say: “heart-felt,” “follow your heart,” from the bottom of my heart,” “half-hearted,” “had a change of heart.”

When our heart is coherent, which is to say rhythmic in its fluctuation patterns and energetically harmonious, we feel at ease, calm, well and at peace.   

We can teach ourselves to voluntarily induce a state of heart coherence.  This state helps to regulate the heartbeat and autonomic nervous system, which in turn, entrains the brain to coherent order.  Order in the brain translates to sensations of ease and peace.

Changing your energy

Here’s a simple and easeful meditation to do anytime, anywhere:

1. Breathe into your heart center

2. Feel into the space that your heart and lungs occupy in your physical body

3. Use your imagination to generate feelings of gratitude, joy, love, care, appreciation, and other elevated emotion. Think about something that makes or will make you happy.  Feel it in this now moment as you breathe and feel into your heart.

In heart coherence we engage the unique wisdom, guidance and intelligence of our heart center, and experience sensations of connection, increased intuition, enhanced immunity, increased cognition, and the reduction of stress hormones. 

In meditation, this state fosters an elevated ability to make transcendent connection with universal life-force energy and can support energy flow within and around the body, as well as mystical experiences.

Do it for you!

Practically speaking, heart-brain coherence meditation is an act of emotional regulation.  We simply choose to “get into our heart,” and to generate an uplifted feeling. We make it happen!  In time, the choice to meditate in this way is an act of conditioning the body to a new level of mind.  Practiced consistently and intentionally, the body will memorize the state of heart coherence and we will notice immediately any person, place, condition or environment that “knocks us out” of coherence.

And because we have practiced, we will know exactly how to get back into heart-centered gratitude.  In time, there’s an obvious contrast that the things that used to bother us don’t have such an affect on us, because we love our inner peaceful sensations more than anything.

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How to make meditation not a war with your mind

It was a real epiphany to me the day I realized meditation wasn’t about stopping my thoughts or “watching them float across my mind like clouds across a sky,” as some suggest.

Not helpful! It was like a mental hurricane up there in my brain, the barrage of thoughts zipping and swirling, and the more I focused on quieting them, the more my body convinced me that my pursuit of mental silence was doomed. With my efforts an inevitable failure, I gave up, dissatisfied and frustrated.

Then one day out of the blue, it occurred to me that meditation is about focusing on something that’s not thought.

To me, this awareness makes meditation wildly easier than I ever imagined. It makes meditation something I look forward to every day. I daresay (insert huge gasp here!) I PLAY meditation like a kid plays outside in the sandbox.

Playing Meditation

Could it be possible that for you too meditation could be come something so fantastic that you’d look forward to doing it every day? That it could be no struggle? That it could change how you feel about your body and humanity in general? That it could improve your everyday state-of-being, your emotional regulation and your life? Effortlessly?

Dare to imagine that this could be true. And the only thing you need is your body, a curious mindset and some time!

Remember when you were a kid setting off to play you didn’t really have a goal? You just set off with the intention to have fun, and it didn’t really matter if you ended up lobbing a ball around in the yard, clashing sticks for hours with the neighbor kids in the woods out back, or horsing around in muddle puddles in the driveway in your new muck boots.

As kids we didn’t consciously have an objective or something to achieve–we found pleasure in non-doing. We just held onto this loose idea that we’d find something to occupy us, that it would be fulfilling on some level and that we would just loose ourselves in some mindless self-soothing that brought us joy for this now moment.

As adults now, we find ways to engineer these moments.

Remember Yourself as Oneness & Wholeness

In fact, meditation is a practice of becoming familiar with your unknown self. I say its the practice of getting to know our as-of-yet-not-fully-rediscovered Divine Self.

Yep, that’s a mouthful, but I don’t know how to say it more consisely.

For me, meditation is a practice that helps us peel back the layers of the Divine Self we forgot when we were born here on Earth. Some of us had contact with this Divinity within and around us as children, and we lost touch with it as we grew up, experienced life events and were taught to be limited, to be small and to conform to norms.

Some of us have no memory of our Divine Self, and through meditation, we discover the joy of remembering and bringing this new awareness into every aspect of our life.

I practice, teach and guide Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra is state of consciousness, a state of relaxed awareness that opens a doorway between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is a mystical state-of-being in which we can interact with energy within and around us and have experiences that range from pleasant insights to massive spiritual epiphanies to radical spontaneous healings.

A hallmark of this practice–the healing and transformative power of it–is that where our attention goes, our energy flows. Its not novel, necessarily, because it’s how our whole life works: where our attention goes our energy follows. For example, you think about brushing your teeth in the morning and your body will follow that thought effortlessly to the bathroom sink.

What makes this phenomenon novel in the context of meditation is that our attention is CREATIVE POWER for healing, change and self-determination. Meditation practice supports us in every aspect of our life in moving from victim to creator.

If we want to transform your relationship with meditation and with the energy we embody, it’s super helpful to know about types of focus:

  • Convergent Focus–one center of focus; we flow all our attention to this one point and our awareness converges on the object of our notice.
  • Divergent Focus–open focus or awareness on space rather than an object; focus on more than one point or object of notice simultaneously.
  • Internal/Inner Focus–Focus on your body as space, as a container that energy and information move through, including the bio-field of electro-magnetic energy around your body in the space of your room.
  • External Focus–Focus on the non-physical and physical energy of things that are not your body and not your bio-field.

Forgetting to think

In meditation we are focusing on something other than thought. We might sit by the ocean and converge our focus on the waves lapping the shore or we may divergently gaze across the harbor and notice all the happenings within our direct and peripheral vision simultaneously. We might lay on the deck in the sun and focus our awareness on sensing and perceiving down into the space of our body so deeply that we simply forget to think.

These focus types are rich. There is no right or wrong here, and its not as if we are focusing correctly or incorrectly. It’s just valuable to know that you can choose. You can choose to shift your focus and your attention. And when we do this, when we step-by-step master this, we master our creative energy and greatly influence the direction of our life.

Could it be possible that through the practice of meditation you could fall madly in love with your very being? The unique expression of life that we call you? Maybe, even, is it possible you could discover that you’re a pretty magnificent?

This is the work I practice and teach, and if learning more interests you, it’s so valuable to set aside some one-on-one time to talk about what this can mean for you life and to develop skills in regulating your mental-emotional energy.

The retreats I lead are designed to help you build these skills quickly and to feel inspired by what’s within you and the greater reality that you are connected to. The modalities of energy healing are forms of drugless wellness–no matter what you’re currently experiencing or what treatments you are receiving, they can do no harm. You can visit my upcoming classes and retreats page here.

Email dianamariachapin@gmail.com, or Call Diana at 207-249-2261. Subscribe to my blog at the bottom of this page.  Healing, learning and sharing is my passion…please share this blog with those you think it can help.  We are changing the world, one heart at a time. Thank you!

Learn more about Yoga Nidra in my January 24th blog here


This is how energy medicine can help you manage stress, anxiety and depression

My energy healing practice has taught me that when we use the words “stress,” “anxiety,” and “depression,” we can mean quite different things.

From individual to individual, these states-of-being can be felt in the head, in the chest and the heart, in the abdomen or in the solar plexus. Some people even feel anxiety in their legs and feet, a manifestation of the emotional state that renders them unable to move forward–both figuratively and literally.

Emotions are the language of the body

Emotional states are decoded by the brain and body as sensations or groups of sensations. In fact, the body is an instrument of guidance that is always offering intelligent information about the people, places, things, situations, conditions and environments of our life.

The body is always offering guidance about what we should move away from or closer to…offering counsel on what’s life-giving and what is life-depleting.

We can support ourselves in regulating the energies that cue us to the anxiety-, stress- and depression stimulating factors in our life by placing our attention on and refining our attunement to the sensation-information felt in the body.

For example, it’s very common for people to feel a tightness, density or even nausea in their solar plexus and stomach when they have an uncomfortable interpersonal or social interaction. Many people feel a heaviness in their chest or pain in their heart when they experience a loss or stress over the conditions happening in the world. So many people feel a magnetic lump in their throats when they feel oppressed or lack words for adequate or satisfying expression.

From Formlessness to Form

Everything is energy and the emotions of stress, anxiety and depression are, in fact, energetic in nature. They have a charge and the body carries that charge. Interestingly, while emotional energy is FELT in the phyical mindbody, in the discipline of energy medicine emotional energy is bioplasma: a form of non-physical energy densifying into physical energy.

If the mindbody has time to process emotional energy the sensations in the physical body are temporary and flow through. But the emotional energy can become habituated, and that’s where energy medicine can help.

My practice of energy medicine includes breathwork, meditation (specifically Yoga Nidra, a sleep-based meditation,) and energy healing sessions.

All of these modalities honor that the human body is a complex of consciousness, a constellation of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy. Energy medicine supports us in FEELING into this wholeness and allowing energy to flow. Through greater levels of awareness of the body as an instrument of consciousness, we are able to regulate our state of being by transforming our programed thoughts and feelings into higher energies.

Higher energy means we self-regulate into more peace, more harmony, more transcendent, life-giving energy.

Want to learn more? I’m hosting a retreat around this work on Saturday, April 2, 2022 from 10 am to 4 pm. Call or text me at 207-249-2261 or email dianamariachapin@gmail.com for more information. View my course offerings here.


Welcome to Maine Integrative Wellness Center

Please meet our providers…

I want to introduce you to my practice and to the practice of the other providers in our Wellness Center.  For those of you who are local to Belfast Maine, you drive past our building at the intersection of Jesse Robbins Road and Route 3.  Located on the lower level of the Maine Integrative Chiropractic, we are independent practitioners with private studios, but we share lovely common ground as healers.

Maine Integrative Wellness Center is located at the lower level of Maine Integrative Chiropractic, at the corner of Jesse Robbins Road and Route 3 just outside Belfast, Maine
That’s me above: Diana

I’m Diana Maria Chapin and this blog is part of my site, www.dianamariachapin.com.  I am an intuitive energy healer and I study, practice and teach the science of energy medicine and transformational wellness.  I teach and guide Yoga Nidra, a lying-down meditation practice in which one lingers in the state of consciousness where the body is relaxed but the mind is aware. In this state-of-being a “doorway” between the subconscious and conscious mind opens, and a greater degree of awareness, effortless transformation and healing can occur.

I am clairsentient, meaning I have developed my ability to sense and perceive energy beyond the “normal” range.  I have trained to the master level in the Japanese healing art called “Reiki,” which is the art of facilitating universal life force energy to others.

Before becoming a healer, I worked for almost a decade in behavioral and relational wellness, supporting teens and families who were experiencing mental and emotional health issues, oppositional defiance, and exceptionally difficult interpersonal dynamics.  This work helped me become aware of the scope of what people deal with mentally and emotionally every day and–coupled with my own life’s experience–provides an informed understanding of how energy healing modalities can facilitate healing while doing no harm.

In my practice I help people understand and experience their body as an instrument of consciousness and I give my clients practical tools for creating transformation in their life. By understanding thinking-feeling loops and by using the body’s natural feedback and guidance, I help people master their energy and manifest the changes they want to embody. 

I am fascinated and committed to the science that explains the “how” behind why energy healing and meditation produce wellness in the spiritual-mental-emotional-physical complex of the human being.

I blend science and mysticism, and help people develop practical strategies for self-regulation and mastery of their inner environment no matter what is happening in their life.  We each have a natural pharmacy within us which we can learn to activate and balance through the natural, drugless, holistic ancient healing practices of meditation and energy healing.  These ages-old modalities are being validated by the cutting-edge studies of quantum physics, cardioneurology, epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology.

I study and practice the art and science of transformational wellness, supporting others in conceiving of a reality beyond their current thoughts, feelings, and state-of-being.  I help people connect with and feel into creative healing energy and empowerment within by teaching a model of reality based in wholeness.  This model is based in the laws of energy and nature—and the conviction that we are energy beings designed to enjoy the experience of being human.

You can schedule a private or group session for relaxation, stress relief or healing with me by calling or texting me at 207-249-2261 or by emailing me at dianamariachapin@gmail.com.  Check out my scheduled retreats and trainings, or book a private one for your family, group or business but calling, texting or emailing me.

Call Diana at 207-249-2261

Here are some of my fabulous colleagues…

Kristen Jacobson

Kristin Jacobson RN is a Brennan Healing Science practitioner and graduate of the Barbara Brennen School of Healing.  She clears, balances, and aligns the energy field for greater health in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of a person’s life. It is body mind psycho/energy therapy.  This type of energy therapy has the ability to make contact and gently transform in ways that bring improved health and wholeness.  Brennan Healing Science can reach the subtle places that other modalities miss. It is what Kristin most appreciates about it. Kristin sees clients in person locally in Belfast Maine or via zoom for clients anywhere in the world.

Melissa Mathurin

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? Hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, low sex drive, thyroid problems, mood changes, insomnia, irritability, bloating and/or memory loss?   Hormonious Health specializes in Women’s Health, hormonal imbalances, stress reduction, thyroid health, nutritional evaluation, natural hormonal replacement therapies and more. We are passionate and committed to educating the community on the latest developments in evidence-based hormone therapy.

Terri Matson

Welcome to the lunar year of the Tiger! The strong and courageous tiger wakes up, stretches, and loudly roars bringing with it plenty of change. As the acupuncturist at the Maine Integrative Wellness Center, Terri holds a deep appreciation for the connection the inner tradition has to the ebb and flow of nature and its large perspective on “being” in the world. Oriental medicine views the body, mind and spirit as an integrated unit that aims to establish balance within the individual and to their environment. Whether we are experiencing physical pain or dysfunction, or overwhelmed with emotion such as grief, or frustration, the practice of “observation” followed with the process of “movement” can allow us to create a healthy life rich in meaning and purpose. If you’d like to learn more about acupuncture, please visit Terri’s website or contact her. A tiger year is a potent time to act on one’s goals that came out of the year of the Ox.  

Crystal Lacasse

We are a mobile Phlebotomy Service (not to be confused with a mobile van unit.) We travel to various doctor’s offices where we draw patient’s blood and ship samples to the lab the doctor or patient chooses. Some labs are cash only and great for patients with high deductibles.  We also offer in home services for those patients that are home bound or would just rather the comfort of their own home.  Crystal is the Owner and Lead Phlebotomist.  She specializes in Pediatric Phlebotomy as well as hard-to-get patients. Our motto is “Care & Compassion.” Sherri is the office manager and creates the schedule and help patients choose the right lab for their specific circumstances. She works directly with doctors to create lab requisitions and any other service they may need to help ensure their patients get the best service possible.


This is how your energy anatomy is helping you make up your mind

Most of us have something in our life we’d like to change, to transform. At this point in our life we’ve learned what we like and what we don’t like. What we want and what we don’t want in our creation.

Do you want to feel more empowered in your life, more abundant and to live with greater clarity and freedom?  Want to trust yourself more, live more simply and more joyfully?

Then energy medicine and meditation can help you. 

These healing modalities can help you liberate unwanted energy from your physical body and your life, and they can lead you to embody the life you want.  By learning what your energy anatomy is telling you, you’ll learn that your body is always offering exquisite guidance for your life. 

Become attuned to your inner states and the sensations and feelings held within, and you’ll become skilled at regulating your life with greater levels of consciousness and awareness.

This is not a time in history to wait for the conditions outside of us to change to feel better in our body and life: the systems and structures of our society are too big, too layered, too self-serving, too inflexible.  Only we as individuals can embody the agility required to change.

To me, that’s what the field of transformational wellness is sharing.  Since YOU have tremendous potential to embody agility in any given moment—no matter your present state-of-being—YOU are the change you’ve been seeking. 

Energy healing and meditation are tools to support this empowerment, this transformation within you.

Be Still and Listen

Let’s liberate ourselves from the idea that our mind is located in our brain and expand our belief to the more accurate reality that the entire body is mind, or bodymind. 

The brain is the conscious mind, the body below the brain is subconscious mind.

Furthermore, let’s entertain the idea that the bodymind is a process not a system.

The bodymind processes the energy and information of your life through seven energy centers that are designed to maintain self-regulated order within your body and life. Thus, imagine you have not just one brain in your head that perceives and informs your experience in the world, but that your energy centers are each a brain—a center of intelligence and perception—that informs a certain level of consciousness in your life.

The centers vibrate at different frequencies within and around the physical body.  They process, liberate and store the energy and information of your life.

You can learn a bit more about them with this chart:

Just know that they are centers which possess levels of mind.  They are progressively organized to process energy from a low to high state.  The process has a dominant flow—main corridors of energy—that run from your feet and lower body upward to the crown of your head and from the crown downward to your feet. 

But your energy process is also an elaborate matrix of living intelligence that occupies and flows through dimensions around your body.  This field of energy—the biofield or Human Energy Field—forms the geometric shape of a torus.

You are organized as a hierarchical yet multidimensional process: flowing out of survival into enlightenment (And also bouncing around or flowing within the process in every possible state-of-consciousness in between.)

Ground in the Here and Now

First Center: I am surviving

The first energy center, traditionally called the root center, is associated with energetic connection to the energy of the Earth.  It occupies the space on the body from the lowest part of the pelvis through the legs, down through the ground below us.

Feeling centered, aligned, and safe in the world are sensations that illustrate having a coherent energetic connection to ground.  We can think beyond basic survival needs of shelter, food, water and sex. 

We embody a kind of agility that if any aspect of our life (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical) is threatened, we mobilize to ensure our well-being.  We have presence of mind under duress to compose ourselves and facilitate our own safety, or we get to safety as an impulsive reaction that ensures our well-being.  (Like leaping out of the way of a car that’s bearing down on us.)

When we are not grounded properly, when life is unsafe, in chaos or in upheaval, it’s likely we are not progressing beyond the level of consciousness we call survival.  We feel fundamentally threatened, as though we don’t have permission to occupy space.  We can’t sit still and fidget from one task to the next, unsatisfied, nervous, perpetually vigilant. 

Or maybe we even feel we have a hard time inhabiting a physical body—we would rather drift upward and out of the physical reality we see, hear, taste, smell and touch. We live in fantasy or embody the “I didn’t ask to be born and I’m afraid to die,” mindset.

To feel grounded we might be over sexual, creating experiences that help us feel like we really do inhabit our body; or we might deny or deprive ourselves of sexual experiences, too fearful that intimate contact will threaten our life and security as an individual.

But sometimes the survival response is a habitual, conditioned state-of-mind given the mental, emotional or situational conditions of our life.

We are living on a daily basis in the energy of fear.

If that’s the case we can use our consciousness to pull ourselves up out of that level of mind to a greater level of mind.

Feel into Your Ministry of Essence

Second Center: I am a set of reactions

The second center, traditionally called the sacral center, is associated with assimilation with our environment physically (we digest food) and socially (we integrate with others.)  

When we are in balance in this center, we feel free to and express our unique ministry of essence.  

When we are coherent (in order) in this center, we are able to experience low emotions like shame and fear and use them to guide us toward more productive actions.  For example, if we experience embarrassment, we don’t let it ruin our day, we simply modify our future behavior with the information.  Something like, “Note to self: don’t lash out with that rude comment again.  That was inconsiderate and hurtful!”

When incoherent in this center we might manifest behaviors such as cunning, a desire to manipulate social situations by being artificially sweet and overly polite, or we embody victimhood.

Perhaps we are addicted to the emotional energies of shame, insecurity, competition, and control.  

According to energy medicine, if we are incoherent in this center, we might physically experience chronic issues with digestive disruption.  You might find in your life that interacting with certain people or being present in certain situations triggers an alteration in your digestive process.  

This can happen because the subconscious processing of the emotional energy of life is causing some incoherence with the flow of life-force energy within and around the body.  The process is temporarily limited by the emotional state, and it is manifesting as disruption within the physical body.

For example, many people find that anxiety over family/social unrest leads to constipation, nausea or diarrhea. Or perhaps those disturbances lead to binge eating or the inability to eat at all.

If the relational issues are temporary or resolved in a short period of time, the body returns to harmonic order, digestion returns to normal and the bodymind produces sensations of well-being.   

But chronic stress and anxiety can produce a chronically disrupted physical reality of poor digestion.

Operating from the reactive level of mind embodied in the disordered second center, we are easily stimulated by the world outside us into reactive responses rather than contemplative ones.

But again, we can reflect on those inner conditions, change our thoughts, change our feeling and elevate ourselves to a greater level of mind.

Take Empowered Action

Third Center: I am aware self-direction

The solar plexus is the site of the third energy center, the third mind. 

When this center is coherent and in harmony, we are processing the energy and information in our life and staying aligned with and empowered by our inner guidance. 

We are self-referral: when making decisions we consider the information coming into our awareness from the outer world, and our choices are directed from a fearless state of harmonic inner being.  We can mindfully attach to the life-giving energies in our life and artfully detach from anything that threatens our well-being and peace.

We feel empowered to bring more life into our life.  We self-possess our energy for our creation.

When we have the experience of being alert, centered and in clarity amidst chaos, this center is in balance and harmonic order.

When we are easily manipulated by others or external conditions, we might be incoherent in this center.  We operate from a point of diminished consciousness and relate to our experience with a lower level of mind.  We experience this as an addiction to the energy of guilt, frustration, anger, resentment or powerlessness.

How do we gain footing to overcome this level of mind? We teach ourselves to fall deeper in love with our own being.

Fall in Love with Your Sacred Heart

Forth Center: I am intuitive love

The heart center is the most powerful energy center, being the union of polarities: the positive end, the “north pole” is at your crown and the negative end, the “south pole” is at your feet, producing an electromagnetic field of energy that assumes a torus shape. 

Your cosmic Self and your Earthly self form a union or communion at your heart center. The electromagnetic field around your heart can be measured with todays instruments about 10’ away from your physical body. It’s more energetically accurate to say the heart field is infinite, connected to the all-in-all of everything. How mind-blowingly huge is that?

Your heart is your powerfully wise creative center, because energetically it is a magnet.  We create our reality through magnetic attraction what we feel in our heart, what we are being in our heart.

Practically speaking though, just think about how it feels when you act in love from your heart.  Recall a time you were moved by your heart to do something in love.  There’s a sort of resonant, good-feeling of reciprocity and confidence. 

You’re left the sensation that in giving you received something. 

Then think about how it feels when your head-brain overrides your heart-brain.  I know every time I’ve done that it’s felt somewhat wrong—like I violated something within me and I’m subtly or dramatically worried about the outcome.

 I invite you to adopt the belief that your heart center is actually your main brain, and that magnificent thing in your head that we call a brain is a predicting chemical factory that keeps you safe in the world, but can sometimes becomes clouded by biases, conditioning, the ego and false attachments.

The heart is the seat of wise intelligence.  It’s the energetic union of the cosmic and the personal.  It’s the place to present and hold your deepest questions and then listen to your soul’s response.

When we live from the heart we embody self-acceptance and live from the energy of self-love and love for others.

We are understanding, tolerant, self-compassionate, inclusive and accepting. 

Yet living from the instrument of our heart, and attuned to the energy of self-love, we are also decisive about what we cannot tolerate, who it is not safe to include in the tapestry of our life, and which conditions we cannot overcome within our present capacity to regulate our own well-being first and integrate with difficult people/conditions second.

Grief—in all of its shades from mild disappointment to deep loss—is the emotional energy that limits the flow of life-force energy within and around the heart.

In The Beginning There Was the Word

Fifth Center: I am creative expression

When energy flows freely from the lower centers up through the heart center and reaches the throat center, we embody the energy of clear expression.  We speak truth and are attuned to know truth when we hear it.

We possess a level of embodied awareness that is a consciousness greater than the controlling, reactive, fearful survival mind.  

We feel free in the present moment to express ourselves in love, to use our words to create.  We have spontaneously or through great inner work become healed, and we relinquish the known past for the opportunity to consciously create our future.   

From this level of consciousness to speak lies or to live in the energy of deceit would be a betrayal to self.  To lie or operate amidst deceptive information would be to violate our own inner harmony and peace.   

It’s not just low energy that disrupts the coherence of this center.  The throat assumes a bottleneck transition between the subconsciousness of the lower body and the consciousness of brain.

I notice in my energy healing practice it is very common for people to report a sensation of a magnetic lump in their throat, just above their collarbones or in the middle front of their neck.  Often imaging and blood tests show that everything is “normal,” which can be frustrating when the sensation is so palpable. 

In this case, material tests may not show a physical abnormality, but there may be a very real but invisible energetic disruption that manifests as sensations that intuitively feel out-of-order. 

In this case energy healing and meditation can support relief.

Live From Your Seat of Wisdom

Sixth Center: I am the enlightened awareness of wisdom

The sixth center is associated with the pineal gland, the tiny hormonal center in the brain that produces melatonin and serotonin, the compounds that support our sleep, our wakefulness and which orchestrate our connection to the mystical.

Living from the consciousness of this center, we are wisdom itself.  The memories of the past have been processed and are held without the intensity of the emotional charge they once possessed.  The resulting wisdom informs and guides our life.  We embody discernment and are unselfishly motivated. 

We intuitively interpret the multiple storylines of our life and can see with clarity the “how and why” of what has happened in our experience of being human.  We realize we are the co-creator of the synchronicities in our life through what we have thought and what we have felt…through what we are now thinking and now feeling.  

We embody the mind of a seer.  We are visionary and a natural alchemist of the energy around us.  From this level of consciousness when we encounter energy that limits our life, we become discerning awareness itself: we see it, we name it, we swiftly move through it. 

In no time, we are beyond it, embodying a state of unlimited inner freedom.

From this level of mind, we live with the understanding that our body is an instrument of conscious creation, and we are only limited by our belief in what’s possible.

You are the Bliss of Unconditional Love

Seventh Center: I am that I AM

From this level of consciousness, we experience that we are a fractal of the sacred Divine, a sacred part of the whole.  We say it many ways: we are made in the image of God; this is a holographic universe. 

Meditation and energy healing are brilliant natural healing modalities that open the consciousness of the seventh center. This level of consciousness can only be truly understood from observed, felt, direct, first-hand experience of the Divine within and all around us.

I’ll share with you a meditation experience I had a couple of years ago that makes me wildly confident about this center.  It may sound a little trippy, so brace yourself with an explorer’s mind. 

And know that this was an entirely drugless experience—organic, all- natural meditation!

One summer day I settled in for my unguided Yoga Nidra, having entrained myself to linger in the state of being where my mind is aware and awake, but my body is deeply asleep.  (Maybe you’ve experienced this state when you’re drifting off to sleep or waking up—people often do when they are taking a light nap.)

I could feel my body occupying space in the room and I could hear the birds singing outside my opened window.  At the same time my awareness drifted to a place that I can only describe as simultaneously being both within and beyond me.  I was aware that I was floating in the sea of darkness that was so crammed full of absolute light it was black.  

Words are too limiting to communicate the stillness, abundance and harmonic peace of the sea of so-much-light-blackness.

I was suspended there as an awareness, amazed, delighted, free and pleasantly held by the Whole. 

I was an awareness floating amidst the Presence of everything that ever was, is or ever will be…simultaneously in the moment of right now.

I didn’t feel lost and was not overwhelmed in the sea of light–I maintained my awareness as a distinct personal presence as part of the infinite. 

I thought, “Wow, I’m this magnificent sea AND I’m still me!”

I sensed off to my left side, then off to my right, then all around me.  It had no edges, no bounds, no end point and no beginning point.  It felt immense and tremendous yet unified in soothing magnetic harmony. 

Nothing in it was lost to obscurity.  Everything was equally important.

I was suspended in the great sea of the All-in-All that is God/Source/Light Consciousness, and it was beyond words.  But I had to put words to it.  I had to remember this and recall the knowledge that I gained back into my body lying there in meditation. 

It was too enlightening and precious to ever forget.

As an awareness I rehearsed over and over to myself the sensation of being present in the Mind of God: “I am not a small thing in a big thing.  I am not a less thing in a more thing.  I am It and It is me.”

I am that I AM.

Having experienced this level of consciousness in meditation, and having recalled and integrated the energy back into my body, it’s now easier for me to embody this truth and awareness in my waking states.  

Transformative Power is Within You

Why learn how to use your energy anatomy for guidance?

It takes time to reform our relationship with our body and to learn the subtle—and no so subtle—clues our body is sending us.  What we learn is that when we invest the time and learn, the body offers exquisite guidance, even if we have to tease through a few layers to hear it properly.

It’s just practice though.  Daily practice—using the relationships and situations in your life to inform and embody self-mastery.  Just keep showing up in love for yourself.

I remind myself over and over when life encounters me, “Diana, love yourself enough to do this!  You have a choice right now.  You can practice the mind of a fearful, shameful, guilty victim in this life, or you can remember the feeling of being the I AM and create the life you want in the here and now.  Think it.  Feel it. Become it. Repeat.”

Energy healing and meditation have taught me what a great privilege it is to be human.  And that we came here to enjoy our creation.

No matter what appears to be happening in the outer world, right now people like us are figuring out how to live from a greater level of consciousness, a more powerful, creative level of mind. 

And you and I—The Us, The Individual Parts of the Whole–we are evolving human consciousness, one energy center, one heart at a time.

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