You can heal & transform your life

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There is a physician within you that is intelligent, wise and unlimited.

Meditation and energy healing support the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression and can help create sensations of relaxation, peace and well-being. These modalities help you know, access and engage your inner being and the healer within and often facilitate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

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Offering in-person and distance healing and transformational wellness sessions

It brings me great joy in my practice to support people through a combination of meaningful conversations, energy healing and meditation guidance as they navigate their journey of healing and transformation. Some people are healing through anxiety, depression, pain, post-traumatic stress, difficult relationships and grief. Others come to learn more about how to manage their energy, change their emotional programming, to have mystical experiences and to learn breathwork and meditation skills.”

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Create the life you want…

I help people of all ages and backgrounds become aware of and challenge the limiting beliefs that do not serve what they want to embody. We deconstruct unhelpful thinking-feeling patterns and I support them as they consciously create the life they want. I love this work so much and am in awe daily as I witness people experience their wholeness, and access the wellspring of healing energy within and around their body.”

–Diana, Energy Healer and Meditation Guide

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The journey of healing and creative transformational change is a journey of self-realization…

Self-love: We choose to love ourselves deeply, to slow down and take the time it takes to transform to a better-feeling expression of our being and our life

Self-regulation: We learn to challenge old beliefs that do not serve our bliss, and we intentionally interrupt unhelpful old patterns; we choose to think new thoughts, produce new feelings and embody a new life

Self-expression: We teach ourselves and allow ourselves to be fully in love with who we are and our life here on Earth and we embody who we uniquely are

Self-empowerment: We live in our wholeness (alignment of body, mind, inner emotional guidance and spiritual self) and refer to our inner being and our inner guidance system to direct and lead our life

Self-mastery: We live in the energy of unconditional love and gratitude, and regulate our inner environment through that lens no matter what is happening in the relationships, conditions and world outside us

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