Reiki Master Teacher—Scientist—Behavioral Wellness Practitioner

 Schedule a chat with Diana to learn how you can reduce anxiety, relieve depression, stress less and breakthrough old patterns. Enjoy Reiki and energy healing for relaxation, restoration and healing. Shift your mindset and open to possibility by learning tools and techniques for expanding self-awareness, regulating your emotions and move through the challenges of life more easily. 

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  • Individualized & personalized sessions tailored to your needs
  • Individual, group & organizational services
  • In-person and online sessions, trainings and presentations
  • Science- and research-based, proven tools and techniques for healing and self-regulation
  • Reiki training, resilience training and trauma-sensitive care, specializing in the science of the heart

Text or call to book a session 207-249-2261

Learn how Reiki, energy healing and heart coherence can change your life

Text or call to book a session 207-249-2261

Enjoy Reiki and energy healing for relaxation, restoration and healing.

You may also want to learn naturally easy self-regulation skills to improve your mental, emotional, behavioral & physical health.  Develop self-awareness and deepen your relationship with your body to reduce stress and step into your personal power. 

The research-based tools Diana shares help you improve clarity, focus, boundary-setting and decision-making, which enhances relationships with others and the world around you. Click here to explore having an individual session with Diana. 

Learn the fascinating and powerful traditional hands-on healing in the Japanese Usui Reiki tradition with Reiki Master Teacher, Diana. Reiki can do no harm and during a daylong retreat you will feel inspired and moved by the power within you to heal yourself, your loved ones and others. Look for upcoming offerings here.

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Diana is a scientist, educator, healer and professional speaker who gives in person and online talks and workshops. As an entrepreneur, organizational leader, and engagement & culture-builder, Diana has worked in the fields of behavioral health, business and professional development. Using the research-based tools for developing self-awareness and emotional self-regulation, Diana helps individuals and groups enhance their coherence, creativity and social connections. A Certified Trainer with the HeartMath Institute, Diana shares The Resilience Advantage (TM) training program with public and private business groups and organizations of all size.  Click here to explore organizational services with Diana.

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Diana is on a mission to inspire people to connect with and unlock the intelligent power of their heart, and to use their inner guidance to thrive in a joyful, vibrant life.

“Diana carries such beautiful welcoming energy! I could feel it the moment I stepped into her studio. We sat and talked for quite some time so she could understand where I was energetically and even on a spiritual level. We did some heart-centered breathing exercises which were freeing and grounding at the same time. I left the studio feeling elated and hungry for more exploration.”

* * *

“Diana is a passionate, knowledgeable teacher. I can’t imagine a more positive experience. Her powerful intellect matches the love in her heart. I feel so blessed and grateful to call her my teacher.”

* * *

“After a session with Diana, because of the energy healing part of the visit, I feel on top of the world! Every time I see her I end up feeling energized, grounded and filled with hope and joy, and issues in my life that felt insurmountable start to fall into place and work themselves out. I cannot recommend her highly enough–in fact, I’ve been telling all my friends to go see her!”

* * *

“After the tragic loss of my beautiful adult sons, I didn’t believe I would ever feel healthy again. After meeting and having sessions with Diana, I feel love, joy, and peace. The experience is magical and life transforming. I am so grateful for the wisdom, love, and healing shared by Diana. Life changing!”

* * *

“I took a Yoga Nidra class with Diana and it was wonderful. I was infused with a positive and relaxing energy from the start and am still feeling it days later! She is a natural teacher and healer.”